A Frequently Asked Question: The Gameday Introduction Song

Usually when I say I get a lot of emails about something, it’s over a very short, very concentrated time. If one of the players says something in an interview or something unusual appears online, I get hit with a whole bunch of emails until that particular media firestorm passes and then I never hear about it again.

But there are a few questions that I get asked just about every week, several times a week, so I’m going to start answering those here to try to head the emails off before they’re sent.

Today: What’s the song they play during the player introductions at FedExField?

There are a few possible answers to this one. The song that says “For those about to rock, we salute you” over and over again is For Those About to Rock (We Salute You), by AC/DC. This is played during a video before player introductions, and it is not the song that most people are referring to.

Next up, also during a video, is an instrumental tune with bells and an orchestra. It’s one of those songs that practically screams football, which is probably because it was composed for NFL Films by either Sam Spence or Tom Hedden depending on which reference materials you believe. This is A New Game, almost certainly the remixed version from the Madden NFL 06 videogame soundtrack. It’s also not the song that most people are looking for, although it’s been correct a few times.

The song most people are asking about is what actually plays while the players are running out of the tunnel. It’s all chanting voices and clashing cymbals and orchestral craziness, and I asked a few of the players if they knew what it was.

“Nope,” said Anthony Montgomery.

“No, sorry,” said Rob Jackson.

Pete Kendall at least took a stab at it. “Are you talking about that Who song?”

No, I said, that was pre-introduction last year. This is an orchestral piece. I hummed a bit of it at him.

“No clue.”

I tried again: DAH doot-doot-doot! DAH doot-doot-doot! Dah dah dah dah DAH dada!

Predictably, this made Kendall look at me like I had lost my mind. “I have no idea what you’re trying to sing,” he said.

Fortunately, I happen to know what the piece is, even if my attempts to mouth-guitar it were atrocious: it’s the “O Fortuna” movement that opens and closes Carl Orff’s musical rendition of Carmina Burana, as seen here. (And here are the lyrics if you want to sing along for some reason.)

It’s a melody that’s been used all over the place, which is how it’s usually identified — this is the musical version of That Guy from movies and TV shows. “Oh,” said Marcus Washington when I finally managed to hum a passable version of it, “that’s That Song that’s always in battle scenes and stuff!”

Yep. I first remember it from the trailer to Mel Gibson’s 1990 version of Hamlet, although I have no idea why that stuck with me. More people probably know it as the background to Nas’s 1999 Hate Me Now, and even more from the movies it’s appeared in.

One thing that it is NOT, despite some surface similarities, is the song from that Giant Chessboard U.S. Marine Corps commercial that used to play all the time during football telecasts, although that commercial was terrific in its own insane way. Seriously, how does this make you want to join the Marines?

Anyhow, that’s the answer to the often-asked question about stadium introductions. Now you know.

31 Responses

  1. “Seriously, how does this make you want to join the Marines?”

    After watching this at work, I just laughed out loud.

  2. Worst. Recruiting. Commercial. Ever!

  3. The only thing that commercial made me want to do is strap on armor and do battle on a giant chess board!

  4. Nicely done.

    OK, smart guy, what about that techno song that every single team in every single sport uses now?

    na na NA na. Nuh nuh na NA na na NA…na nuh nuh NAH NUH.

    And the crowd goes “OH” along with it. Did that make any sense at all?

  5. Are you referring to “Zombie Nation” by Kernkraft 400?

    (If you are, the part you’re talking about would be at about the 0:45 mark.)

  6. i think the redskins need to get rid of the “u suck” song that plays after every score that the redskins make. i think it gives the other team extra motivation to come out and make more plays. does anyone agree with me on this??

    actually the master of ceremonies of the redskins games needs to improve all together in my opinion

  7. I agree with you – I’m embarrassed for the team and the fans when the “you suck” song plays. Not one of our most classy tunes. Makes us no better than *shiver* E-A-G-L-E-S fans…

  8. Matt, I think you’re right – that was my first guess after reading Scott’s description. Zombie Nation is more or less a techno staple of all sporting events.

  9. They used to play Enter Sandman back in the day.

    Speaking of back in the day Redskins songs, nothing will ever triumph, Who Let The Dogs Out?

    They shouls bring that back!

  10. Yep I know exactly what techno song your talking about its callded Twilight Zone by Two Unlimited. It can be found on Jock Jams CDs

  11. How do we vote to get a new introduction song??? I think AC/DC Hell’s Bells would be awesome but I think they should switch it up each game.

  12. Guys/Girls — Lighten up about the “You Suck’ chant. It’s ALL over the nation, not just Fed Ex Feild. High school level, college, pro’s — and not just football either (Sox/Yankees, for example).

    It could be ALOT worse too — some finish off with “FSU Says s_ck our n_ts” and “gonna beat the f_ck outta you, and you and you and you and you” and stuff.

    Could be ALOT worse. How can you not get amped from 90k fans saying “HEY! You suck!!!”???

  13. I’ve always wanted the team to come out to this:

  14. Was that the GEICO caveman on the Zombie Nation video? Yes. Could be ALOT worse! Could be better, too. If it is everywhere, why are following the crowd?

  15. Coolest use of the that song was in “Excalibur.” Underappreciated 80’s movie.

    And the “Hey” song is an embarrassment on many levels (at any event).

    a) old and tired.
    b) performed by a multi-infraction pedophile who gets royalties when it’s played.
    c) Chanting “u-suck” DOES fire up the opposing team.
    d) Makes drunken losers in the crowd seem even dumber than when they aren’t chanting obscenities.

  16. Dang- all this time I thought it was a piece by Wagner. I am also an Excalibur fan… and perhaps this movement was mixed with the Wagner piece- which got me confused.

    Matt- you continue to be a great point of clarity in a muddle-headed world… bwahahaha!

  17. Bengals signed Crummey off our practice squad.

  18. Firestarter by The Progidy is a banging song for football. O’Fortuna was the music used in The Omen films it was written by renegade monks who had turned to the darkside.

  19. This:




    The first one is Vinnie’s fav.

  20. We DEFINITELY need new tunes in the stadium…
    No offense to Mr. Spence, but an orchestra doesn’t motivate football players.

    We need something heavy, and if need be (a catchy tune that a lot of folks know), here’s a few suggestons:

    Limp Bizkit: Rollin’
    Metallica – Enter Sandman
    AC/DC – Thunderstruck
    Beastie Boys – Sabotage
    Danzig – Mother
    Guns N’ Roses – Welcome to the Jungle
    Linkin Park – Faint

    Personally, I like sandman or jungle for an entrance song. Can you imagine how exhilarating it would be to see our beloved skins get amped up to those songs? It would be SOLID.

  21. How about “Back in Maroon & Black” ?

  22. Seriously? Enter Sandman? Couldn’t we have a Metallica song from their good era? Orion or Master of Puppets would be far superior to that MTV drek. Or how about some Megadeth? Holy War!

  23. How about “The Final Coutdown” by Europe? Anybody? Anybody?

  24. Ah, I think they play “Welcome to the Jungle” already don’t they? I’m sure I’ve heard it numerous times there and that’s the problem. They play the sames songs over and over ad nauseum. I agree they need to play new songs and switch it up week to week. Another one they need to tank is “Crazy Train” by Sabbath or Ozzie or whoever it was back then.

  25. I believe that the song to introduce the players or even just before kickoff should be “Let’s Get it Started” Remixed verision. I think it is the perfect song to get crowd into the game and pump the players up as well.

  26. I really would like to hear the song “let the bodies hi the floor”


  28. Play some Rage Against the Machine!

    Guerilla Radio-

    Sleep Now In The Fire-

    or Bulls On Parade-

  29. Does anyone know what the procedure is when choosing a song to play in a large venue?
    Do you need permission from the artist to play the song? Has this got something to do with the selections? Is the team charged for playing the song? One time charge or a charge every time it is played?

    Just wondering….

  30. When I was at the Giants and Bears games last year they were playing “Welcome to DC” by Mambo Sauce. I wish they continued to play it this year.

    For those that don’t know.

  31. Go Saints! Become a fan of facebook page here: Colts Will Lose Super Bowl 2010!

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