The Awkward Side of Jersey Purchases

Let’s be honest: jerseys aren’t cheap. If you’re going to buy one, there are a whole bunch of factors to consider, but if you’ve decided to go with an active player, most of what it boils down to is “How long will this be relevant?”

If you guessed right in 1983, you got to wear your Darrell Green jersey for 20 years of active service, plus a Hall of Fame induction. If you guessed wrong, your Richard Williams jersey was rendered useless almost immediately.

You see these sorts of jerseys dotted around FedExField, your Adam Archuletas and Jeremiah Trotters, but they’re usually just one or two in a group of active guys.

These people, spotted walking around the stadium yesterday, are either spectacularly unlucky as a group or they’re time travelers from the early part of this decade.

Either way, I have immense respect for their decision to stay with their jersey purchases, even after the players have moved on to other locations (and, in Arrington’s case, other endeavors entirely). Or, who knows, maybe they’re actually fans of the Cowboys, the Jets, and the Sideline Restaurant in Landover and this was just an easy way to all match while they supported their respective organizations.


34 Responses

  1. Some people still wear Ramsey jerseys. Why????

  2. I still have my Stephen Davis jersey….it’s just a Horton now :)

  3. Another awkward part of jersey purchases is when the player’s number changes. When Shaun Alexander signed with the Skins, my girlfriend was ecstatic, as he is her favorite player in the league. Yesterday morning, she ordered his jersey with the same #35 that he was given when he signed. When he stepped on the field yesterday with #37, she was pretty disappointed, since the NFL shop won’t let her return the custom jersey.

  4. No, Matt. These people are actually bargain shoppers. You can get a GREAT deal on a jersey AFTER the guy leaves the team. Stores are still trying to unload #8 Brunell jerseys. Heck, when they get down to $10 I may buy one myself!

  5. Well I never understood buying a jersey for guy that came in VIA Free Agency, he left his first team, he’s probably going to leave his next team too.

    The Arrington jersey I understand, he could have been on his way to being a great Redskin, but injuries absolutely ruined his career.

    Me personally, I avoid the whole jersey thing, I mostly root for the team and not players ‘per se’, ya know? Some are just too hard to resist, Green, Monk, guys that are just part of our history, or are sure to become part of our history.

    Potentials: Cooley, Campbell, Samuels, Jansen, Landry(certainly ST), Rogers, McIntosh, Smoot

    I’d wear those jerseys.

  6. I got my #8 Burnell jersey the year that he took them to the playoffs. I wore it at the game in Tampa Bay to watch them with that first playoff game. After he got cut I told my wife that my next jersey purchase would be for a throwback jersey, but I got a Sean Taylor jersey this year.

  7. I think the safest thing to do is buy a Sean Taylor’s jersey. That’s what I did recently.

    I was thinking of Campbell’s or Portis’ however I don’t want to be trapped with a player’s memorabilia if he gets cut or released by the Redskins in the future for some reasons (hopefully that wouldn’t happen to Jason or Clinton).

  8. I’ve had Arrington, Bailey, Gardner, Smoots old number, and my only current is Portis. I had bought the ST like two weeks before he passed. my next will be Landrys I think he’ll be a Redskin for a long time

  9. I learned my lesson with a Michael Westbrook Jersey, now I only rock the throwbacks.

  10. My Authentic Arrington game jersey cost $200 when he was playing and was marked down to $50 after he left. I wear it proudly.

    With that extra $150, I was able to buy a couple of beers at the stadium

  11. Thanks to a devoted, long-time season ticket holder who invested in a Colt Brennan rookie jersey, I now literally have the shirt off his back! Thanks to “SonnyRules” from the ExtremeSkins board and his wife who came all the way to Kauai to watch the Skins play the Eagles with me!

    The reality for us Hawaii Skins fans is that a few months ago, we couldn’t even buy a jersey from the Redskins NFL shop. Today we can, but a $77 jersey (CB5 available in XXL only) costs us nearly $130 when you figure in the shipping charges they calculate (it COULD be priority mailed for as little as $8 if they wanted more business).
    It’s ironic that a Hawaii company will sell a Reebok CB5 jersey (any size) and ship it anywhere in the US for less than $60.

  12. One Christmas a few years back, my dad and brother-in-law got Michael Westbrook and Brad Johnson jerseys. Two years later, they were a punchline!

  13. I actually hate seeing people wearing Jerseys of old players. Here are my personal rules of thumb:

    When wearing a jersey is okay:

    1. When the player is currently on the Redkins roster.
    -Clinton Portis
    -Santana Moss
    2. When the player is currently retired, but spent at least most of his career with the Redskins, and is recognized around professional football as a Redskin.
    -Art Monk
    -Darrell Green

    When wearing a jersey is NOT okay:

    1. When the player is still active in the league, but plays for another team. Examples:
    -Champ Bailey
    -Gus Ferrotte
    2. When the player is retired, but was either a journeyman player, or spent most of his career with another team.
    -Dan Wilkinson (sadly, seen at trianing camp)
    -Bruce Smith

    I also would like to say that I am not a fan of personalized jerseys, unless the jersey number is “00”. I hate seeing #30 with the name “Johnston” across the top. Just looks stupid.

  14. Two words: SEAN TAYLOR.

    He will ALWAYS be a Redskin.

  15. Chris Cooley is the only jersey I’ve ever purchased and I think it was sound investment! I’ve worn it proudly for 2 years now. Judging from the huge numbers of them on other people at FedEx I guess I’m not alone in that feeling.

  16. I agree, I look for former players as well..

    Riggins and Green….I love getting all the looks from cowbos fans here in Texas…..

    Ready to wear my Darrell Green jersey when Texas A&M Kingsville (formally Texas A&I KingsVille) take on our Hometown Angelo State Rams here in San Angelo.

  17. #53 Washington

    No matter what the name still apllies as we are the Washington Redskins!

    I want to know why people wear teams that are not playing. I saw Dallas, Eagles, Patriots, and Dolphins yesterday.

  18. All I have to say is that I do have a Cooley jersey and a Portis jersey, but I always jump at the opportunity to wear my Gus Frerotte jersey or my Terry Allen jersey.

    Hail ‘Skins, through thick and thin…

  19. I bought a Dana Stubblefield jersey.

    I learned a lot from that.

    Stick w/ the throwbacks.

  20. Nate those are my exact thoughts

  21. Hail, ya’ll

    Look, since we’re talking about jerseys (and, honestly, it’s not usually a burning issue with me) can I just say that ANY burgundy and gold jersey is okay with me. If I see you coming and you’re wearing the colors, you’re one of my own. I’m a little in exile here, so–for me–no matter what name you have on the back, the jersey means you…are…a…Redskin. The end.

    HOWEVER, these stupid shadow jerseys have got to go. If there is any reason you feel like you just have to wear a black jersey instead of the colors of our team, then become a Raiders or Saints fan (and good luck with that). The point of wearing a jersey is showing your colors. Got it??

    Thank you. I feel much better.


  22. I bought a Deion Sanders jersey the year he came in. He left after only 1 year I vowed to never buy a new guy until they’re a proven, real redskin. I now rock a Doug Williams throwback. You cant argue with a superbowl MVP. My buddy rocks a Terry Allen # 21 lol. They are to expensise to just disregard tho. Personally, I will stick with throwbacks or proven Redskins!

  23. It’s surprising that people don’t give this choice more thought. Deion Sanders? REALLY? Skins bandwagoners deserve to be parted from their money I guess.

    I love my team, and when I was young, about middle school, the jersey my mom got me for Christmas was Gus Frerotte. That was the first time I learned how to politely tell someone I wasn’t thrilled with their gift. I mean, he was okayyyy…but I was all- “Dad, we need to change this into a Darrell Green. Now.” I suppose if I’d kept it I could’ve made an effigy for that playoff game when he QBed for the Lions. Or worn it out for halloween with a sweet neckbrace.

    The second time mom snagged me a jersey for the holidays, it was Sean Taylor. Now I loved me some #21, but this was when all of us were reading in The Post that he’d be spending the season in jail for his ATV incident. I swapped it for a Marcus Washington. I’d proudly rock a ST today, but I’m also proud to know that I use a little forethought and knowledge about the player I supposedly like so much that I’m repping his number around on my back for good. You never wanna be that chump walking around trying to get their money’s worth by wearing out an obsolete jersey.

    …but to all you Arringtons out there- he rules. ain’t nothin wrong with that… I’d buy one right now.

  24. I agree 100% with Nate. How can you even wear the jersey of a former redskin who is currently on another team. They AREN’T a Redskin. I especially hate it when I see players who were BUMS when they were here i.e. Michael Westbrook. It makes me ill to see Ramsay, Freroote, Bailey and these other chumps who aren’t even on the team. Retire your jersey and get a current player on the team. This isn’t 2004 or 2001 or 1999 it’s 2008. Nate is right. People who do this make me ill!!!

  25. That Brad Johnson jersey is unacceptable. I don’t care either way about wearing jerseys of players still in the league. But you CANNOT wear the jersey of the Cowboys starting QB, absolutely not. I hope no one sees that jersey come week 11.

    Oh, and I’d kill for a Terry Allen jersey.

  26. I agree with Nate 100%, however, I take it a step further.

    I only buy jerseys of Redskins we’ve drafted or as I like to call them, Pure Redskins. I currently have, ST (2 replicas and an authentic), Cooley, and Landry. I JUST bought a Chris Horton jersey since I feel that he is someone who will stay with the Skins for awhile. I would never wear their jersey again if they were to leave.

    Throwback jerseys on my list-to-buy:
    -Baugh #33
    -Jerguson #9 (retired #)
    -Green #28
    -Monk #81

    i know, i know, jerguson wasn’t drafted by the skins and monk left for the jets (which STILL bugs me to this day)…but they are Skins for life in my opinion.


  27. Skinzo – Hello! Monk left for the Jets cuz the Skins didn’t want him anymore. Dear Lord, how can you hold that against the man. Sheesh.

  28. My buddy still has a #8 Chip Lohmiller jersey that I usually borrow from him any chance I get…..

  29. Now can I wear my Zorn Seahawks Jersey to Fedex Field?

  30. Nothing Fancy — i don’t hold it against anyone because i understand it’s a business but i hate seeing great redskins move on to another team. who wouldn’t want the type of loyalty from both the team and Darrell Green. just sayin.

  31. Nothing Fancy — i don’t hold it against anyone because i understand it’s a business. notice my last line:

    they are Skins for life in my opinion.

  32. Skinzo – Gotcha. I just noticed that you said it still bugs you today. I liken it to the company my husband worked for. He worked there for 20 years, then they laid him off. He’s not ready to retire, so he got another job w/ another company. Same idea as w/ Monk. It’s not like he left for more money somewhere else (ala Champ Bailey and others). He left because the team no longer had a place for him.

    Anyway….Love wearing my Campbell jersey for now. My son has a Darrell Green and hubby has a Riggo jersey. I’d love to have a Joe Theismann!!!

  33. thats why i bought the #53 jersey–to show my support for the WASHINGTON redskins

  34. Troy Polamalu Game Winning Interception For A Touchdown AFC Championship (video)

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