Monday Redskins Links – 10/20

  • The Yankees and Cowboys have joined forces, and the world trembles. But, someone in the PR department points out, wouldn’t the obvious next move be for the Redskins and Red Sox to form a counter-alliance? Imagine it, they said: Chris Cooley and Kevin Youkilis could have a beard-growing competition! Clinton Portis could be Big Papi’s new quirky pal now that Manny Ramirez is in L.A! Pete Kendall would have more people who could appreciate his accent! The possibilities are endless. I responded to this with an elaborate comparison to the Constructicons and Aerialbots, but everybody wisely ignored me.
  • Chris Cooley has started his own poetry competition — and he’s doing limericks, which blows the haikus and senryus at Tuesday Morning Quarterback out of the water. When I started working in the NFL, I never, ever thought that the poetry class I took in college would come in handy. Ever.
  • And I missed it before the game, but Rich Tandler points out that — despite the paltry history between the Redskins and the Browns, there was at least one significant game between the teams, in which four future Hall of Famers made their Redskins debut.

9 Responses

  1. Constructicons were the bomb. Although my favorite was always the robot that turned into the boombox and his dog robot that turned into a cassette tape.

  2. I’m a sox and skins fan so that pairing comes naturally to me! :)

  3. How come the Constructicons come together to form the Devastator? Clearly it should be the Devastatron or some such nonsense. Either way, he’s got some sweet feet.

  4. Well the Redskins used to be the Boston Redskins so it could work.

  5. I just watched Zorn’s press conference, and it makes one thing clear. He loves talking about football. Great to have him as the coach.

  6. I actually began hating the Yankees because they and the Cowboys are basically the same team (thought the Yankees have less criminal activity) and hence became a big Red Sox fan due to my hate of the Yankees.

    So, I’m with Adam. This is perfect.

  7. This arrangement kind of reminds me of the Bruce Springsteen concerts at the Meadowlands, where he purportedly purchases and handles all the concessions sales (and as such, gets all the profits) from his concerts, so that he could keep the beer and food sales going as long as he wanted and thus keep up with his epically long performances. Except this is like the evil version.

  8. Constructicons, Matt? You the the Bomb! We clearly have way too much in common. Don’t tell me you bought any of my Transformers on e-Bay! What would the old Redskins think?

    As for the Yankees and Cowboys, go for a merger. Judging by the recent postseason performances of both franchises, it’ll be fun to watch it overspend money and completely underachieve!

  9. As Mike said, the Redskins used to be from Boston, so the alliance makes more sense than the Cowboys & Yankees (writing those two names in such close succession almost made me ill – strike that, it did make me ill).

    In fact, for at least one season, the Redskins played football at Fenway Park. How sweet is that?

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