Sunday, October 19: Gameday, Redskins v. Browns – Vote The Redskins Ticket

If you drive in to FedExField from Landover Road today, you might see that the stadium looks slightly different, mainly because of 2,500 square foot hanging banner version of the Vote The Redskins Ticket graphic. The roads heading in toward the stadium all look appropriate for the immediate pre-election season, lined with Redskins Ticket campaign yard signs.

And the first 25,000 fans in the stadium will get these campaign buttons.

Also, any purchase at the Redskins Stores at the stadium will earn a free bumper sticker — another in the long history of Redskins bumper stickers.

You’ve got a lot of excuses for not voting — although none of them are valid — but if you show up for this game “I forgot” isn’t going to be one of them. Vote early and often for the Redskins Ticket — and be sure to keep up with the Redskins Ticket site, where new videos and other material is being added daily.


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  1. The Pro Bowl is overrated.

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