Redskins v. Browns – Third Quarter Thoughts

  • A lively discussion at halftime about if this has been one of those “defensive struggles that real football fans love” or just a really boring game of so-so offensive execution. I leaned toward the latter, fairly emphatically, and was accused of being needlessly negative. So this will be the official quarter of positivity. Positive thoughts only. Let’s hope that’s at least possible.
  • Clinton Portis gives me an easy place to start. He’s looked solid this game, especially for not practicing most of the week, and he starts off the half running hard again.
  • And, hey, it’s Shaun Alexander, hitting the hole hard and looking fairly health and capable. At the very least, he looked like a perfectly adequate backup running back there.
  • Ryan Plackemeier’s punts have been getting incrementally better as the game has progressed. It makes sense since he’s been getting so much practice in — six punts and counting for the big guy.
  • A deep pass from Jason Campbell to Santana Moss highlights just how fast and electrifying Moss can be, something that hadn’t been in the spotlight over the last two weeks. He’s easy to be positive about, when they’re getting him the ball.
  • Another Portis touchdown, earned through some seriously hard-nosed running. I picked a good quarter for the positivity binge, I guess. They’re making this easy.
  • Also deserving of kudos, the FedExField crowd. I’ve been hard on them in years past, but this is the second straight game where they’ve really felt like a twelfth man. I don’t know what’s sparked this, but if it keeps up, FedEx will be the hugely dangerous place for visiting teams that it always should’ve been.
  • Carlos Rogers simply devastates Josh Cribbs, which I feel sort of bad being positive about, but … wow, what a hit. Carlos Rogers is unquestionably having a Pro Bowl season (so you should go vote the Redskins Ticket to make sure he gets in). (That campaign is sort of contagious. Someone in the press box was even making up a tuneless little jingle for it earlier.)
  • Much better quarter, although I don’t think it had much to do with my attitude — I think it was just a better quarter. Third quarter score: Redskins 7, Browns 3.

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