Redskins v. Browns – Second Quarter Thoughts

  • I hope that some enterprising Redskins fan makes T-shirts immortalizing this as Puntfest 2008 or something like that. I feel like every time I glance up, either Dave Zastudil or Ryan Plackemeier is joggin onto the field, and no one is punting quite well enough to actually tilt the field position one way or another.
  • Hey, they replaced Video LaRon Landry with Video Carlos Rogers for purpsoes of pumping up the crowd. Somehow, I found Video LaRon more convincing. It’s working, though — the crowd is getting legitimately fired up, and it’s either Video Carlos or the incredible bass of Put On by Young Jeezy with Kanye West. I have never heard the bass so loud in FedExField before, so maybe it’s not Video Carlos at all.
  • When I posted my picks for this weekend on Friday, a few of them were met with some skepticism. Notably, the Ravens, Raiders, and Rams choices were highlighted as being unlikely. It’s early yet, but the Ravens and Rams totally came through for me, and the Raiders are at least keeping it close thus far. Of course, I blew it on some less longshot picks, but my only goal is to do better than the puppet did last week, and getting those two upsets should definitely help.
  • Puntfest 2008 continues, but so does the Redemption of Leigh Torrence, as he’s given another chance to corral one near the goalline and this time has a bit more success. You know it’s an exciting matchup when a successful downed punt is the highlight of the first half.
  • Overheard in the press box: someone described the Rams upset today as Dallas getting “kicked in the Winslows.” This is my new favorite euphemism.
  • Santana Moss is back to receive the punt. It winds up going nowhere much, but the crowd was ecstatic to see it. That got them almost as fired up as Young Jeezy did.
  • Disappointed people, at least so far: anyone who started Derek Anderson in their fantasy league. As the Redskins work the two-minute offense (with their characteristic 2008 aplomb; they’re really good at this this year), Anderson’s stats stand at 3 of 14 passing for 17 yards. That’s worth less than one point in most leagues.
  • Other disappointed people: Shaun Suisham, the Redskins, their fans, and anyone who started Shaun Suisham in their fantasy leagues, as Suisham hits the upright heading into the half. The way this game has gone, a 3-0 halftime lead would be insurmountable.

4 Responses

  1. Well at least we’re not losing.

  2. Why do the Redskins play up and down to their competors?
    Why can’t we blow teams like this out?
    A win is A win?
    Go Skins.

  3. yeah it’s honestly stressful to be a skins fan. they’re always close games its drives me nuts. Speaking of drives the one that ended with a Rock Cartright bounce outside run on third and short proves to me even more how bad this guy sucks. I know he has great heart, but he sucks bottom line. Portis picks that up and the teams gets a field goal.

  4. If you been a Redskin fan as long as I have,you know they keep it ” close to the vest”. I ccok or pace during a Skins game – but I love it

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