Redskins v. Browns Postgame – Plack’s Punts

Ryan Plackemeier was critical of himself, but generally pleased with his debut performance.

“No bad, bad punts,” he said. “I got unlucky on the bounce on the first one, but I hit it well.”

He was exceedingly candid about his bad punts, too. “I did the same thing wrong on the three misses — nothing shanked, but my drop was a little off to the left, I’ve gotta bring that in. I missed that last one, put it a little more to the left than I was supposed to, but … I think for the most part we helped out the defense today.”

It was a sentiment that was almost exactly echoed by his head coach. “The last punt, we wanted more,” Coach Zorn said, “but there were no shanks, no total disasters. He did a great job hitting ’em all.” It’s rare that “no total disasters” actually ranks as a high compliment, but for a guy at an unsettled position who unexpectedly had an incredibly busy night of work, they were pretty favorable words.

Leigh Torrence, who was well positioned to defend for at least three of Plackemeier’s punts, also had compliments for the new guy. “He’s got a different style, more like a knuckle ball than I’m used to. It kinda dives a little faster on you. He puts it up there, he’s got great hangtime … that’s a weapon. You pin them deep, as a defense, that’s a huge weapon. Glad to have him, and we’re only gonna get better.”

Plackemeier, for his part, spread the love around a little bit. “Ethan Albright is the best long snapper in the league. The ball’s there every time. I had three different long snappers in Seattle, so coming in here and having stability at the position helps give me confidence.” It’s one of those phrases you don’t hear all that often, “best long snapper in the league,” but anything that helps bring some confidence to the punting situation here is a-okay by me.

4 Responses

  1. It’s awesome to see that Albright has already made an impression on Plack by being consistent. It’s great to know that he doesn’t play in a high-profile position and still gets the job done without needing to be glorified and getting all the attention! Hail Red Snapper!

  2. Red Snapper for Hawaii!

  3. Our new punter is one chubby son of a gun. How many hotdogs do you think he ate in between punts? My guess is 25.

  4. I love the Red Snapper getting some ink. He is one of the most underrated players on the team – if you’re talking about him, it’s because he screwed up – and he’s rarely talked about. He deserves to go to Hawaii. Is it true that he signs one-year contracts with the Skins every year?

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