Redskins v. Browns – Postgame Chatter

Coach Zorn was back in good spirits after this one, albeit grouchy about the offense’s inability to get any consistent play going after Jason Campbell tweaked his groin in the first quarter. “It made me call that draw on that third and long, and I would’ve liked to’ve taken a shot I didn’t want to take a chance. We ran a draw, got stuck, and had to punt. It just seemed like from that play on in the first half, we would get things going and then we would stop, so it was really a frustrating first half for me.”

He did, however, hasten to assure everyone that there was nothing major wrong with Campbell, so we can all lay off the panic button on that one. “He just tweaked it. I asked him if he could still scramble for a first down if we needed him to scramble, and he said ‘Yup.'”

When someone asked if the Redskins had established their identity as a running team, Zorn earned a few laughs by asking “Ground Z-man?” then turned a bit more serious. “I don’t know. I think Clinton Portis is an absolute workhorse, and our offensive line takes pride in that.”

More on Portis from Zorn: “It was the work ethic that he had this offseason that’s keeping him healthy…. He didn’t practice much this week, and he threw out a 175 yard rushing game. I’m not gonna encourage that, though,” he added, to general amusement.

* * * * * *

Zorn also showed a little of his traditional candor, musing on the Browns late touchdown. “We sold out on that one little gift that they got,” he said, “but we almost sacked the quarterback on that play too.”

Linebacker H.B. Blades — who was instrumental in the third down stop on the first goalline stand — didn’t fully agree with Zorn’s assessment of the play. “You know we were in man defense, and they had a good playcall,” he said. “Don’t take that away from them, they went out there and made a good play.”

Clinton Portis was also able to look on the bright side of the touchdown. “That was great for us that they took them to that fourth down,” he said, pointing out just how much clock it ran.

Zorn’s players may not agree with him on this one, but his final word on the defense would probably meet with general agreement: “They’re mean, and they’re very physical, and I’m glad they’re on our side.”

* * * * * *

Portis also spoke bluntly about his fumble. “I was real nervous, you know. For me, I gotta know better in that siutation.”

Asked if he was relieved that the fumble didn’t cost the game, he blew out an enormous sigh. “Pshew. I don’t know what’s the best relief you had in your life, but it was one of those. It was a great feeling.”

* * * * * *

Devin Thomas didn’t have much impact on offense, but he was completely enthusiastic about his big special teams stop. “He did a good job keeping his feet to bounce outside when he was almost tackled. I’m safety, so I gotta make sure I make the play,” he said. “I get excited by opportunities like that. Coach Smith always talks about how being the safety is the funnest position on the kickoff team, but it’s the most difficult because if he comes out and breaks a long one, you’ve GOTTA make the tackle. It’s fun for me, and I look forward to that kind of challenge.”

* * * * * *

Santana Moss commented on his effective use of the spin move: “I’ve been doing it for awhile, so I guess you can call it mine. Anytime you get down there, you don’t want to be the guy that says, ‘I got down on the one and didn’t get in.’ I pretty much say, ‘It’s all out warfare, it’s either me or him,’ and I wasn’t going to take it head on, so I did the best thing I knew how to do, and that’s spin.”

4 Responses

  1. Great post… I have to agree with Zorn in that our defense is “mean and physical”…..c’lo rogers made some big plays…on tackles, as well as pass defense……however, enough CANNOT be said about Fletcher….a dominating 12 tackle performance and was the emotional leader on that side of the ball….Portis, is simply the man…Can you find out more about Campbell’s groin injury? I’m worried he won’t be able to scramble as effectively next week….Go SKINS!

  2. Too much playing not to lose versus playing to win. The last two weeks at home against inferior teams we played down to the competition in lieu of attacking and blowing them out. The first half was the most boring half of football since the turn of the 20th century. I thought for a while it was a “Punt off”! A little pitch and catch on at least every 4th first down would have been imaginative!

    A win is a win is a win, it just wasn’t pretty sitting there waiting to get tied! What happened to the offensive jaugernaut????

  3. Complaining about a win is madness. I don’t think anybody thought the skins would be 5-2 at this point in the season.
    Also when games are won in close fashion, you always keep up your guard.

    On to Detroit!!!

  4. Redskins be alot better on offense if they bench james thrash and put devin thomas and malcom kelly in there and actually throw the ball to them!!. james thrashs to slow and doesnt do anything. hes a special teams player.

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