Redskins v. Browns – Fourth Quarter Thoughts

  • That’s the second punt that’s pinned them deep, and it had a chance to be the third, if Leigh Torrence gets a little bit luckier on the first one. His numbers haven’t looked stellar so far, but whether through luck or skill, Plackemeier seems to be getting better results than we’ve seen recently.
  • And the FedExField crowd, which I complimented earlier, goes appropriately nuts with the Browns pinned in the shadow of their own goalposts. They’re being egged on by Video London Fletcher, which is helping, but also by real Jason Taylor, real Marcus Washington, and real Andre Carter, which is helping even more.
  • Clinton Portis continues his remarkable season, running to the left for 27 yards and making it look easy. (Which reminds me of Coach Zorn’s sarcastic, “Really? We run behind our Pro Bowl left tackle a lot?” comment from earlier in the season and makes me feel dumb. Jim Zorn: the smartest guy in the room even when he’s not in the room.)
  • Santana Moss catches a pass from Campbell and unleashes the most effective spin move I’ve ever seen. I’ve criticized the spin move since the earliest days of the Madden football videogames as being a flashy, useless move almost all the time, but Moss just used it to reverse his field, elude a defender, stay in bounds, and get into the endzone all at once. That has to be considered neither flashy nor useless.
  • The Devin Thomas that I’m always complimenting in practice just showed up for a play, keeping after the return man on a kick return that bounced outside and was off to the races. It’s a play you wish he didn’t have to make, and it’s certainly not the reason the team drafted him, but the guy has impressed me with little things like that in practice and you have to hope that at some point it’ll translate to something comparable with the offense.
  • I find it strange that NFL officials have stopped explaining why there’s no penalty when they pick up a flag. It works out in the Redskins favor this time, negating what would presumably have been a Rocky McIntosh pass interference call, but it’s odd. “There is no penalty for pass interference on the play.” So, what? The flag just slipped? Strange, not that I’m arguing in this case.
  • What a great four-down defensive stand, guys flying around and hitting, the fans going completely berserk … just an impressive, impressive performance. London Fletcher and Chris Horton get special mention (along with Demetric Evans on the final knockdown), but the defense is just out of control today.
  • And they’re going to have to do it again, after Clinton Portis has the ball popped loose from behind the Browns immediately move back inside the 10 yard line. It looks like they’re going to pull it off — Carlos Rogers stays at home on a misdirection play to Jamal Lewis on third down — but a well-placed Derek Anderson pass gets them the touchdown, and another one on the two-point conversion brings them to within three.
  • Not on TV: two guys tried to run onto the field as the Browns lined up to kick off. One of them was stopped on the sidelines, but the other made it to midfield before being held up by Antwaan Randle El and taken down by sideline security. Nice form by Randle El, too.
  • The Redskins run three times to force Cleveland to burn their timeouts, then they punt, and then I get text messages from three separate people pointing out that this all looks very Joe Gibbs.
  • On the other hand, Cleveland isn’t nearly Gibbsian enough. On third down, needing only to move into more certain field goal range to tie, they throw deep to Braylon Edwards. He fails to make the catch, the 54 yard field goal is no good, the Redskins line up in victory formation and take a knee for the win. The end. Thereby hangs a moral of some sort, I think.


11 Responses

  1. HAIL!

  2. All Hail, Redskins!!

    But, that game didn’t need to be so hard…

  3. Hail!

  4. lol

  5. Not having any football coaching experience, I would have liked to see the skins throw a pass on 3rd down on that final drive (before the kneel down). The Browns had used up all their time outs, and if the skins could have picked up the first down it would have saved me (and i’m sure many other skin fans a lot of stress). A quick play action pass to Cooley or Moss on a curl route would have been nice.

    Although it doesn’t matter now. HTTR!

  6. I would have preferred play action pass on second down, would have been more appropriate, and JC just doesn’t even throw it if it isn’t there, just tuck it and run to keep the clock moving.

    Awesome job Skins, coach Zorn has this team playing together as well as any team in the NFL and it’s great to see them getting it done, and Blache is doing pretty good too, eh?!

  7. Are defense’s starting to catch up? Are the Redskins just making more mistakes? A win is a win and I’m glad but the last couple of weeks have not been pretty.

  8. Defense catching up? They’ve been ahead this whole season what are you talking about. Don’t let stats fool you. Your watching the best defense in the NFL.

  9. An exaggeration but there top ten

  10. The stats say they are number 6, but they have faced almost all the best offenses in the league, so we can say for sure they are at least top 3, although I still think they are the best.

  11. HAIL!

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