Redskins v. Browns – Additional Obstructed View Seats

It’s common knowledge that there are some obstructed view seats at FedExField, but under ordinary circumstances it’s made abundantly clear in advance if the tickets you’re buying are considered obstructed view. That’s probably not the case if they’re obstructed because the tallest player in NBA history sits down in front of you.

Former Washington Bullet Gheorghe Mureşan is on the sidelines for pregame warmups, so that’s a very real possiblity. He’s difficult to get close to, what with the neverending parade of people taking pictures with him and telling him just how tall he is (sample quote: “Dude, you are VERY tall!”), but I believe I heard him say that he’s sitting in the Dream Seats. The view should be very good for him, but I sort of pity whoever’s behind him, possibly for two or three rows back.

I don’t remember much about Muresan’s basketball career except that he was plagued by injuries, but I have very fond memories of him, largely because of his Snickers commercial.

Thank you, YouTube.

2 Responses

  1. I’m pretty sure that I saw Ovechkin at the game on TV..any word on that?

  2. To my eternal shame, I abjectly failed to find out about this, but the DC Sports Bog is all over it:

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