On the Field for Practice – 10/17

The title here is a little bit misleading, to be honest — I wasn’t able to be on the field for all that much of the middle of practice. I was there at the very beginning, though, and if it’s Friday, that means it’s time for Coach Zorn to warm up by tossing the ball around to the quarterbacks.

They were doing this on the other side of the field, which was testing the limitations of my camera, but it’s obvious that Zorn gets a real kick out of this. The QBs seem to be enjoying it as well, as it not only lets them do something a little different, it gives them an excuse to tease their coach a little bit.

“He overthrew me that first time,” Jason Campbell told me about the above attempt. After that first round, though, the quarterbacks elected to increase the degree of difficulty somewhat by making their catches one-handed.

Yes, Colt Brennan actually hauled that one in. And Todd Collins also made an impressive couple of catches — I didn’t get a good picture, but he’s actually a surprisingly nimble receiver out there. “I got one later on,” Campbell told me, but I didn’t see it.

Here’s the quick update on the rest of the practice day that I saw:

  • Clinton Portis, Chris Horton, Carlos Rogers, Chris Samuels, and Fred Smoot were all back in for at least limited work, and all look like they should be able to go on Sunday. “Clinton ran around pretty good,” Coach Zorn said afterward, “I saw him make cuts both left and right.” No guarantees, but it’s a good step, and actually ahead of what Zorn predicted yesterday.
  • Shawn Springs didn’t practice and is being called a gametime decision, but you have to think it’s not a good sign that he couldn’t go today.
  • An amusing play when a mis-hit punt landed in the arms of practice squad offensive lineman Andrew Crummey, who rumbled downfield with it, displaying improbably speed for a guy at his position.
  • Coach Zorn was visibly encouraging Malcolm Kelly in practice, and seemed optimistic about him again afterward. “We didn’t have to drain his knee this week,” he said. “He’s starting to be able to do things at a higher speed.” So that situation is progressing, which is encouraging to see.
  • LaRon Landry continued his stellar week of practice, intercepting a few passes and being in position to make big hits if, you know, it had been a gametime situation.
  • As for the rest of practice … “Business as usual,” Pete Kendall said afterward. I asked if that was in a good way, and gave me a look. “Well, I think business has been pretty good.” I guess so, yeah.

10 Responses

  1. What’s so amusing about a mishit punt with a new punter on the team… what does that mean?

    “An amusing play when a mis-hit punt landed in the arms of practice squad…..”

  2. Beautiful, come on Malcolm, get in there man! Zorn and JC REALLY want you to make your move.

    I guess we go without Springs again this week. Rogers just needs to keep up his game and we’ll be fine there. The big question without him will be exactly how they handle K2. We don’t have another corner big enough to handle him, and I don’t know about Landry or Horton or Moore on him, sounds like that may be where the Browns could try to make hey this week.

  3. I think Winslow is doubtful to play this week.

  4. More on the Wildcat offense that could be making us more points and getting us more first downs and yards (while cutting down on turnovers)

    It’s just ridiculous, the fins are averaging over 10 yards a play over
    the last three weeks on 25 attempts with it, and Jason Campbell would
    be a much better QB for that package because of his athleticism than
    slow Chad Pennington (all due respect, one hell of a passer
    and a leader though) especially with the season that Chris Samuels is

    It makes defending you sooooo much harder:

    Here are a great NFL.com videos breaking the wildcat down:



  5. I’m actually not 100% sure if the punt was mis-hit or came strangely off the Jugs machine — I know the machine was being used at least part of the time today.

  6. That’s right, BluCollar!

    We need MJack to get in the game. Other teams are starting to take notice that if they take Santana out of the game with double coverage, we really don’t have any “true” weapons to challenge a defense deep.

    If we can get MJack in the game, and keep Devin from making push off penalties when he’s in the game, we can make the defense begin to think twice about going over-under in coverage against ‘Tana!

    I believe this may be the beginning of the end for Shawn Springs. His body doesn’t bounce back like it used to when younger (whose does?), and given his high cap number (Matt, can you shed some insight on his cap number for this year and next), I believe we may need to either renegotiate, or part ways at the end of the season.

    How many games has Springs missed thus far this year?

  7. Jugs machine? I got to get me one of them.

    Thanks for the updates, Matt. I enjoy hearing updates on DT and MK, since we don’t get too much about them on gamedays. Still hoping they keep progressing. Curious if you’ve gotten a feel for how the three new guys are fitting in. Sounds like Plack has a tough time fitting in to tight places, but I mean with the team.

  8. Matt- thanks for the Colt sighting…


  9. Its amusing because he’s probably close to 300 lbs and wasn’t expecting the ball. But when he got he ball he took off downfield and was actually pretty fast!

  10. I hope Springs doesn’t leave next season. I’m scared that he’s out honestly because this defense is a lot different with out him on the field. I think it was three seasons ago that the defense was ranked close to last in the NFL, and i still believe it was because Springs was out most of the season with a variety of injuries. Mark my words if we lose this game it will be because he’s out, and Braylon Edwards has a huge game. Hoton can’t match up with Kellen that’s a huge mismatch so Landry will be assigned to him that means Carlos will be on an island with Edwards all game. This game will determine if all the hype about Carlos going to the probowl is right or not.

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