Friday, October 17: Some Bulletin Board Material From Braylon

A few people had emailed me to point me in the direction of some bulletin board material from Braylon Edwards. Most of them wanted to know the players’ reactions, but those were actually pretty pedestrain — lots of variations on “I don’t read things during the season” and “We’ll see what happens on the field”. The obvious downside to asking guys about bulletin board material is that they don’t want to provide the opposing team with material of their own.

But it’s nice to have something to fire up the fans for a game that doesn’t have a whole lot of recent history behind it. The last time the Redskins played the Browns was in 2004, a game the Redskins lost largely due to two costly fumbles, and the meeting prior to that was back on October 13, 1991. That would be a few weeks after Nirvana’s Nevermind hit stores, and a full month before Tupac’s first solo album came out, so … yeah, a while back.

Fortunately, the talented Braylon Edwards is here to give everyone a reason to get alllllll grouchy. Talking to Peter King for a feature story on the Browns in the September 8 issue of Sports Illustrated, Edwards offers up this little tidbit from the end of last season:

“We didn’t deserve it, but the Titans in the playoffs?” he said. “Tampa Bay? The Redskins! You can’t tell me we couldn’t beat the damn Redskins.”

So there you go: a reason to be particularly noisy at FedExField this week. Obviously, having our starting defensive backs would also be helpful in preventing Edwards from backing up his talk, but a healthy dollop of fan loathing can’t hurt.

12 Responses

  1. Make sure the players hear this

  2. obviously he didn’t see how we played in our playoff run and to be honest no i don’t think y’all could have beat the damn Reskins last year. they went 10-6 and still didn’t make the playoffs

  3. the skins must make them pay!!!

  4. Braylon Edwards won’t even hit 85 yards this game, PERIOD.

    Our Def. Line is going to make him choke on those words. LaRon “The Ron” Landry and Chris Horton will have their with this chump if for some reason he were to break the D-Line and THEN make it through Marcus Washington! Don’t count on it!

  5. I know the players won’t acknowledge being ticked about that quote, but you know they are.

    I think they manhandle the Browns Sunday!

  6. Come on SKINS!!! No one and i mean NO ONE talks trash about the damn REDSKINS!!!! Hit this dude in his mouth the first few plays. Whata chump, I cant wait for our banged up Secondary to destroy this dude. HAIL SKINS!!!!!

  7. So there you go: a reason to be particularly noisy* at FedExField this week.

    * – while the Redskins defense is on the field only. Please and thank you.

  8. Hit ’em high, hit ’em low, hit ’em where Winslow’s grapefruits grow!

  9. he should be worried about keeping the ball in his hands cause hes gonna be hearing Landry’s footsteps all day I guarantee he drops more on sunday than he catches

  10. mannnnnn see when recievers say comments like this i wish sean taylor was still alive because sean would make him PAYYYYYYYY with his two front teeth braylon has in his mouth hahaha….dag i wish those punks diddnt kill sean : / i KNOW our d is good but its like with sean taylor on your team he just makes your D terrifying because players were so scared to come accross his part of the field and he allowed laron landry to really step up and just worry about playing strong safety now it just looks like laron is in the secondary trying to cover the pass and stop the run and make up for what our strong safetys reed doughty or Chris Horton lack…..sighhhhhh redskins football is just so different without number 21 playing :(

  11. edwards sucks..he couldnt do anything against our defense….he needs to stop running his mouth and quit underestimating football teams…

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