Thursday Redskins Links -10/16

Photo by maria(emdot) via WikiMedia Commons.

Photo by maria(emdot) via WikiMedia Commons.

  • When your headline is “Jerry Jones exposed as gutless by Goodell’s ruling” and that’s the mildest part of the article, it’s pretty much guaranteed to be light comedy bedtime reading for Redskins fans. Also, the photo gallery sidebar detailing the eleven worst errors of Jerry Jones’s tenure is pleasantly amusing as well. Good work, FOX Sports.
  • Riggo’s Rag talks to some Redskins tailgaters who remember the old stadium — the one BEFORE RFK. It’s a short read, but an excellent story.
  • And Dan Steinberg at the DC Sports Bog locks down the king of all Coach Zorn stories, at least until the next one shows up: Jim Zorn talks about learning to skin roadkill on the fly. Insane, and awesome.

3 Responses

  1. Zorn is great! Who would have known that along with such a good coach, he’d be such a “trip” too!!!!!

  2. Hey you spelled her name wrong… it’s Marya.

  3. listen, I know this is a reach, but please tell Jim Zorn to install the Wildcat offense now.

    With the addition of Shawn Alexander and with Betts returning, and the athleticism of Jason Campbell and Chris Samuels we can really get some extra points from teams not prepared to deal with this offense.

    Please. We’ll win 2 extra games plus a playoff game – maybe the Superbowl because of it.

    Talk Soon,

    Mike Long

    P.S. The Dolphins are averaging over 10 yards a play and 1 touchdown out of every 5 plays with the Wildcat. Please run it.

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