Thursday, October 16: Vote the Redskins Ticket

It’s October in a year that’s divisible by four, which means that voting is something that everyone’s talking about. Many of you probably watched two ambitious, intelligent men spend two hours last night arguing about a plumber from Holland, Ohio just to earn your vote. That’s an important campaign, no doubt — the leader of the free world is an important elected position — but it’s also not the only one that’s going on right now.

Your Washington Redskins are encouraging you to vote the Redskins Ticket for this year’s Pro Bowl. Last year, the rival Dallas Cowboys sent a record thirteen players to the Pro Bowl, taking up valuable roster spots that could be occupied by deserving Redskins, and it’s our job as fans to see that nothing like that happens again.

Fan vote makes up one-third of the selection criteria for the Pro Bowl, and the team is encouraging their fans to vote early and often for the Redskins nominees.

There are plenty of Redskins who are deserving of Pro Bowl appearances, but have been consistently overlooked over the years — take London Fletcher, for example, who has NEVER been to the Pro Bowl but is leading the league in tackles so far this decade. So that’s one reason to vote.

And for the lively Redskins fans in Hawai’i, this is an opportunity to bring a whole bunch of Redskins to your neck of the woods. Odds are good that Colt Brennan isn’t going to make the cut this year (especially since he’s not on the ballot), but it’s important to start practicing voting now — and, hey, maybe one of his teammates will bring him along if they make the roster.

The Redskins Ticket site will be updating regularly between now and the close of Pro Bowl fan voting on December 9th, so check back regularly. Redskins Fans are doing a terrific job voting so far this year, helping Clinton Portis to FedEx Ground Player of the Week, Jim Zorn to Motorola Coach of the Week, and Chris Horton to Diet Pepsi Rookie of the Week, so we just need to keep that up.

And so far, at least, the Redskins Ticket campaign contains 100% less midwestern plumber than the presidential one, which can only be seen as a bonus. Like the people of Quincy, Massachusetts, say: your vote is your voice, so speak up. (Being from Ma., they probably don’t pronounce the final Rs, but the sentiment is still a good one.)

4 Responses

  1. My youngest son bought me a Redskins autograph-ball. You better believe I am hoping to be able to start filling it up with some ‘Skins-sigs soon!
    Go, ProBowling, ‘Skins!

  2. Probowl voting takes forever. So many AFC selections I don’t care about.

    But speaking of voting, what’s with the Portis snub for FedEx ground player of the week? He led the NFL in rushing yards, and had 2 TD’s. Yes, they didn’t win, but can’t a man get some credit for doing good? The only other guy who I would put in that similar position is Jones-Drew because he also had 2 TD’s. 111 yards over 25 carries for Adrian Peterson is nothing to sneeze at, but its not 129 over 21. Neither is Warrick Dunn’s 115 over 20 carries.

    This week, Clinton Portis was the best damn rusher in the league, and that’s the bottom line, because Stone Cold said so.

  3. hey “abrick….” – the skip voting for the AFC guys and spend the time voting twice for the Skins. Love the site, love the videos, love use of Sonny/Sam

  4. Jason Taylor should be listed as a DE. He might not get as many votes at LB, since he hasn’t played at LB yet.

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