Wednesday’s Redskins Links – 10/15

  • How about a point/counterpoint on Clinton Portis? DJ Blitz at the new All Hail, Washington Redskins echoes Bucky Brooks from earlier today, nominating Clinton Portis for league MVP. Counterpoint: Adam Best on thinks that Clinton Portis makes a mighty lousy leader, mainly because he used to dress up in costumes, and thinks Clinton should fix that. COUNTER-counterpoint: DW at Riggo’s Rag, a site that’s apparently owned by one Adam Best, emphatically (and entertainingly) disagrees with his boss.

    There are so many reasons this article is ridiculous, I’m not even sure where to begin. Let’s start with general premise that a team can be lead by a running back. Seriously, name a team that has ever had an RB as its unquestioned leader?

  • Meanwhile, Skin Patrol over at Hogs Haven aggregates internet response to the Shaun Alexander signing, and finds that people are generally skeptical. He does manage to end it on a positive, optimistic note, though, so that’s impressive. (Also, he expresses concerns about Alexander’s ability to catch the ball out of the backfield, including loads of intimidating statistics to back that up. I can’t completely disagree because I don’t have a lot of information yet, but I will mention that my scrawled practice notes from day include a phrase that looks a lot like “35 ctchs bll wl bkfld,” which probably means that I thought he was catching the ball well out of the backfield — I specifically remember a one-handed grab — at least today. Anecdotal and not statistical, but it’s better than nothing.)
  • Michael Lombardi at the National Football Post is also DEEPLY concerned about the Redskins recent moves. Of course, he supports his opinion by observing that someone named “Reed Dougherty” will be tough to replace, so it’s possible that he’s not following as closely as I’d believed.
  • And every time Troy Aikman calls a Redskins game, I get emails saying that he’s biased in favor of the Cowboys. I generally ignore these, but Boomer Esiason says that he watched this week’s Dallas game, and thought “the bias that was coming from [Aikman] yesterday was actually stunning.” So maybe there’s something to that after all.

15 Responses

  1. Troy Aikman’s bias is in favor of the Redskins. He even wears burgundy and gold ties. Infact i’ve noticed him haiting on the big D. Aikman is a Redskin at heart.

  2. dude Aikmen gets in every little jab he can on the Redskins when he annouces are games.

  3. he likes Portis thats about it

  4. the skins ended his career… well lavar did lol

  5. I feel like Aikman is actually the only commentator or analyst that doesn’t come across as bias….the worst is D. Woodson on ESPN….

  6. Well I gotta disagree that Aikman is biased toward the Cowboys or against the Redskins because in the game where you could judge both things when the Redskins played the Cowboys in Dallas, he did nothing but compliment the Redskins and make fun of some of the Cowboys strategies.

  7. Michael Lombardi is a really bad writer: (he repeats It will be interesting)

    “It will be interesting to see if Alexander is enjoying football more than he did last year. It will be interesting to see if he is willing to make the hard runs and fight for the extra yards.”

  8. Another link for this weeks’ redskins music…

  9. I can’t stand it when moose johnston calls redskins games.

  10. Aikman is about the only guy I can listen to on TV covering a skins game, I think hes been fair with the skins. I do think his counter part Buckfutt is a hater along with…..too many to name, glad I dont have to listen to Paul Mcguires little girl giggles anymore

    I took some advice from Shawn King { ex-bucs qb} and just turned the volume all the way down. I seriously enjoy watching the Skins games better like this . TRY IT!!!!!!

  11. Aikman is one of the best. I haven’t detected any bias whatsoever with him and I’m a diehard Skins fan. He always goes out of his way to compliment Portis, and has said on a few occasions that Portis is one of his favorite players. Also, Joe Buck is fantastic… I believe that they are the best tandem out there.

  12. That Michael Lombardi piece in the links above is uninformed and not worth the time.

    The Adam Best piece is worse. It tells Portis what he should have said and done during the Rams game, yet the article is so uninformed that I doubt that the writer has any idea of what Portis did or did not do during the game on Sunday. And I heard Portis’s postgame remarks and I did not think he was calling out anyone on the team, so I heard those comments differently from Best. I may never read an Adam Best piece again.

  13. A person on JLC’s Redskins Insider said, “a well positioned punt may be the Plack Attack.”

    So with that in mind.. in the words of the Plackmeister, and all…

    “Bootin’ punts, bringin’ the Plack Attack
    I’m bringin’ the flack right to ya back
    I’m always around, be right back
    with a Plack Attack right behind your back
    ….. on the one yard line!”

  14. Any word on Portis’ comments about Pacman Jones?

    I sure wish he’d keep his mouth shut. His stupid comments make it harder and harder to be a fan of his great work on the field.

  15. Troy Aikman is probably the best player-commentator on television. When he first got on there I was afraid he would be biased against the Skins, but he’s been nothing but professional. Emmitt Smith on the other hand…I didn’t think it was possible, but I’m actually starting to feel bad for the guy. He can’t speak on television, he’s flat out terrible. Oh, and I’ll take Moose over Baldinger any day of the week….that guy is terrible too.

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