UNOFFICIALLY: Punter Battle II Ends Quickly & Those Moves Finally Get Made (Sort Of)

So after a long day of speculation, here are the official moves:

The new Redskin is S Michael Green.

To make room on the roster, the team released S Justin Hamilton and put S Reed Doughty on injured reserve.

Those moves are official, done, and I saw Michael Green — Mr. Irrelevant in the 2000 draft (as in the last player in the draft, not the Brothers Mottram) — heading back with Greg Blache to get his playbook. He’s a guy who suffered a bunch of injuries — an achilles, a knee — and has been rehabbing them. Although he too has a Seattle connection, Coach Zorn says that “this is Greg [Blache]’s safety that he’s had for years.”

Then there’s the unofficial moves, which Coach Zorn made the somewhat unusual move of discussing just a few minutes ago.

Despite what’s been reported, this is unofficial stuff: Durant Brooks has been waived/injured. The team worked out Shaun Alexander, and are “working on the situation,” according to Coach Zorn, although he is, emphatically, “not officially signed.” The team also worked out four punters, two of whom were young guys, and two of whom were Ryan Plackemeier and Josh Miller. Again according to Coach Zorn, the team still “has Plack here. Nothing is official yet, and nothing has been signed.”

Alexander is probably the biggest name, a former league MVP and all that, but the fact of the matter is that his signing amounts to adding a fourth running back to the roster to pick up some injury slack. Says Zorn, “Rock Cartwright immediately fills that spot,” at least while Alexander “gets up to speed.”

Moving Doughty to IR ends his season, and Green represents a more experienced safety on the roster in place of Hamilton; it’s largely a special teams move. (As Zorn emphasizes: “When you lose a Reed Doughty in your special teams corps, it’s not like you can just replace him.”)

The big move, really, is the punter switch. I find it somewhat ironic that after breathlessly following the punter battle through training camp, neither of the two candidates is the starting punter as of Week 7 of the season.

Plackemeier will be the second Ray Guy Award winner punting for the Redskins this season.

Unofficial word is that much of this will be a bit less unofficial soon, but that’s where we stand for right now. (I hope that made sense.)

24 Responses

  1. Nice job Matt, appreciate you getting it as soon as you could.

    Are you gonna try and get some interviews with some of these guys today?

  2. Thank you. I’ve been trying to follow these shenanigans all day, and this is by far the most complete, concise compilation I’ve come across.

  3. Wow. A safety. Didn’t even see that one coming. Makes sense though. Quite a bit of activity in one day for the team. Must say we seem pretty aggressive all of a sudden. Guess it is a good thing. I imagine we going to get a press conference some time tonite. Matt, any chance you can get an answer as to why we trying for a RB? Think that has most of us really curious. Just didn’t seem like that was a “need” with Betts reported to only be out a couple weeks. Then again if Alexander comes in and does great maybe he becomes a future bargaining chip for a draft pick or something. Anyway, I sure you running around ragged today. So listening closely for any more news.

  4. I didnt know Green was still in football, I live in the Chicago land area and keep up on the bears, last I saw Green he was decent on run support and probably a better than Reed in coverage. Although this was a few years back, have no idea what he plays like these days. Advice to new punter, just boom it, cant do much worse than an injured legged punter. Good luck to Durrant, hope he gets healthy.

  5. The safety issue has just come up because of Doughty’s injury.

    I think Betts actually exaplained why they needed another back pretty good “I think as far as my role is, I had a pretty important role. Some people might not realize it, but you know, Clinton can’t carry the ball 30-40 times a game. They got to have somebody step in. I don’t know what they’re going to do with Rock [Cartwright], or what the situation is. So I don’t really know. But it doesn’t surprise me.”

    They likely don’t want to take anything away from Rock on special teams, we’re already hurting on teams as it is.

    So I tihnk it makes sense, I didn’t like it at first.

  6. Who needs Adam Schefter when we have Matt Terl!! Thanks for the clarity, Matt.

  7. Vinny finally realized the mistake he made by cutting Frost. Too bad it cost him a signing bonus. As the starter start getting hurt, the truth about his draft will start to show. He doesn’t know talent.

  8. I would think cutting a VT player to improve the special teams would be counter-productive…most pro Hokies contribute best on kickoffs and punts and such and Hamilton fit that bill IMO.

  9. I hope we didn’t get rid of Durant Brooks…I was hoping he could go to IR or the practice squad. I think he could be a great NFL punter….just needs more time to develop in the NFL.

    I believe that if Durant Brooks goes elsewhere, it will come & bite us in the ass eventually~

  10. I think the skins made a HUGE mistake by letting Justin Hamilton go. He was never even given a chance.

  11. I just heard the Redskins released Justin and put Reed on IA. I’m not sure why they made so many changes after just one loss. Perhaps they are cutting in the wrong areas. Why don’t they take in consideration the number of penalites per game — and look at possibly correcting that problem. Can’t wait to see what happens if they lose this week to the Browns. How many more East Coast players will Zorn pickup? And as far as getting a MVP from the year 2005 — please. Keep young and build!

  12. As you can tell I’m very upset with todays’ changes. What I meant to say was how many more WEST Coast players will Zorn pickup?

  13. I coached the Brooks kid in high school and I am telling you Redskins fans, this was a huge mistake letting the kid go. He was not handled right from the get-go and my understanding is that as soon as he arrived in camp, your special teams guy began tinkering with his punting routine. I was shocked to hear this as the kid is special. Durant tried to follow orders but should have stuck with all the advice of the greatest punter ever, Ray Guy. The guy who really needs to be waived is your special teams coach..

  14. Brooke there not making these changes because they lost a game. Betts hurt his knee so we brought in a RB that will only sign a one year contract and a punter which was needed for this season. Chances are Durrant will turn out to be a good punter, but i don’t want to lose football games over it while we have such a good team. Saints got one and so did philly that’s just to much, and then here with st louis really iced the cake. As for as the safety deal its just for depth and special teams.

  15. Brooks is last in the league in punting. Enough said!

  16. Brooks was waived/injured. This means that if he passes waivers (who’s going to pick up a hurt punter?), we can reclaim him, put him on IR, and then have him in the future. Brooks fans, it is not all doom and gloom.

    Mountainman, did you know that Frost is about to get cut in Green Bay for inconsistency? I’m not sure he was the answer.

  17. This is the regular season. Our team is ranked last in punting game. So we are making a change. I agree with the call. Yeah maybe Brooks wakes up and goes somewhere and has a hell of a year. But for our team, how long do you beat a dead horse? Do we wait one more week? He has a bad performance, so give him…just one more week. This is week 6 and thus far he hasn’t performed. It was time to make the change. Sure i hate it for the young guy. I hope he gets his act together and comes on. Having said that, reading the stats of the new punter I think I saw he had only a one more yard avg then durant…… I know it’s slim pickings in the punting game but not sure if a 1 yrd improvement is my idea of “improvement”. Especially considering his work with Suisham in fg’s etc. I hope he had a heck of an outing. Any chance to see any of the punting battle today? Or was there much of one?

  18. Brooks certainly is last in the league in average and net average punt. But these are not the only statistics which are relevant for punters.

    Hang time, which allows coverage to develop, also counts. Average hang time should become an official statistic IMHO.

    Also consistency counts. Someone who boots 40 yards every time is better than someone who boots for 60 yards but then boots for 20 yards.

    Neither Frost nor Brooks have done well in terms of any of these criteria. Until one of these guys gets better, we need someone else, especially since Frost is no longer ours. I hope that Plackemeier is better for us than he was at the end of his Seattle tenure.

  19. Should we have kept RB Mark Mason on the practice squad?

  20. Personally, I liked him. Wouldn’t of minded seeing him stay. I mean he was productive in preseason. But at the same time our backfield was pretty stacked. So, you hope to see him get a shot somewhere and I think that was the skins reasoning for letting him go. To give him the chance to get scooped up. For me that has what’s made this whole alexander thing kinda funny. Guess we will see how it plays out.

  21. I liked Mason, too. I agree with Clinton Portis. He was fun to watch run.

    I recall writing about him at the beginning of the season. I feel compelled to write about him again, in light of this new development.

  22. the brooks situation is further evidence that you DO NOT draft a kicker or punter.

  23. Nick, in my eyes there was no reason to release Justin Hamilton. Why pickup another safety/special teams when he wasn’t even given a fair opportunity. And again, what’s going on with picking up so many Seattle Seahawks?

  24. hey Lotus, last I heard Frost is still w/ the Packers. Ever week a players job is on the line.

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