All Right, NOW It’s Official.

The moves outlined earlier have all gone through; here are your new jersey numbers. Update your rosters accordingly.

Ryan Plackemeier is #1
Michael Green is #23
Shaun Alexander is #35

The initial (wrong) report on Alexander had him wearing #25, though, and when we heard that, the first thing I said was, “Hey, Joe Washington!”

One of the guys here, a transplant from Miami (who will remain nameless), said, “Who’s Joe Washington?”

Those of us who grew up as Redskins fans were incredulous. Lots of people offered up variations on “What do you mean, who’s Joe Washington?” and “You’re an idiot!” and things like that. I said, “He was Reggie Bush before Reggie Bush. How do you not know that?”

Miami Guy scoffed, went into a nearby office, and said, “Who was Joe Washington?”

Office Guy, who hadn’t overheard us, said, “Joe Washington was Reggie Bush!”

Eventually, once the drama had settled down (and we got the updated information making the whole discussion moot), it came out that pretty much no one born after 1980 had much of a memory of Joe Washington, which seems a pity. So your Tuesday Redskins Link is this video of Joe Washington as one of the Top 10 Elusive Runners of all time, even though as it turns out we should be watching videos of the acting general manager of the Detroit Lions.


11 Responses

  1. So what happened to Brooks? IR or Cut? Guess the Cowgirls grabbed Roy Williams. What happened to Reed? I saw he was inactive for the game. Alexander and Green dont make me feel good after losing Reed and Betts.

  2. Doughty is on IR with a bad back. Brooks got cut with an injury settlement.

    I remember the sweetness of Joe Washington! That boy could run! I remember a game against the Raiders when he took an innocent swing pass about 90 yards for a score, dodging or outrunning Raiders the whole way.

  3. Brooks is going to go to Dallas and be great :(

  4. And why didn’t you say, “35 – Calvin Hill!!”

  5. Placing Brooks on IR means Vinny is trying to save face again. The injury settlement means Brooks keeps his bonus and part of his salary if he goes quietly.

  6. Repeating my post on punter battle over here to get some thoughts…


    This is the regular season. Our team is ranked last in punting game. So we are making a change. I agree with the call. Yeah maybe Brooks wakes up and goes somewhere and has a hell of a year. But for our team, how long do you beat a dead horse? Do we wait one more week? He has a bad performance, so give him…just one more week. This is week 6 and thus far he hasn’t performed. It was time to make the change. Sure i hate it for the young guy. I hope he gets his act together and comes on. Having said that, reading the stats of the new punter I think I saw he had only a one more yard avg then durant…… I know it’s slim pickings in the punting game but not sure if a 1 yrd improvement is my idea of “improvement”. Especially considering his work with Suisham in fg’s etc. I hope he had a heck of an outing. Any chance to see any of the punting battle today? Or was there much of one?

    Also, looking for some more skins fans for a fantasy football league. Send me a message if your interested…

  7. Alright Plack! Now we’ve got some Demon Deacon representation on the skins!

  8. The Skins can still re-sign Brooks and put him on IR if he clears waivers(which he most likely will do, we’ll see if they do it).

    Matt, you think you can get hold of Malcolm Kelly and see how his knee is feeling? His reaction to Zorn’s comments that “something has to be decided soon, IR, or something needs to be done”.

    I see that situation as a pretty big one for the Skins right now. Thomas isn’t earning Zorn’s trust quickly enough (maybe when they get back from the bye he will get more involved) and Kelly really seemed to be on his way to making an impact before the injuries derailed things (he had been looking like he was “getting it” in camp).

    He looked so much more polished than Thomas, and we know that JC was REAL high on him. That situation needs to improve with the way defenses have been able to just take away Santana Moss.

    ARE is certainly playing well, but for whatever reason, he just seems to fit the underneath stuff better than anything else, and this offense needs another real threat on the outside.

    Thanks Matt, you’ve been doing an outstanding job here, keep it man.

  9. Ahhhh…Joe Washington….those were the days!!!!

  10. Back spasms dont usually land you on IR. Neither do disc herniations usually. Horton is a starter, and Moore seems like he is coming along and not a liability on D, he just wasnt used to Randle El gaining that many yards on a punt, thats why he ran into him. Couldnt he just be out for a awhile. I think Reed is solid and 2 months is plenty of time to heal a disc(unless it is ruptured but havent heard that yet). It would be nice to have Reed down the stretch.

    Do we really want Alexander out there as backup running back? Isnt there probably a reason he didnt have a job?

  11. Joe Washington was the man!

    This statement may be biased, but he may have been better than Reggie Bush. LOL

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