Zorn on Punters: “Chris Cooley Can’t Punt For Us”

Coach Zorn started his press conference with an update and something of a clarification on the punting situation. “We’re bringing some punters in tomorrow,” Zorn confirmed. “This has nothing to do with [Durant Brooks’s] injury.”

Zorn described the injury as “a nagging irritation” of the hip flexor or quad on Brooks’s right (kicking) leg, and said that Brooks was off getting an MRI this morning.

Pressed to clarify Vinny Cerrato’s statements on his radio show this morning, Zorn reiterated, “his position is in jeopardy because of performance, not because of injury.” Zorn suggested the Cerrato was making his assessment based on the apparent severity of the injury combined with the fact that the team was planning to bring in competition, but he emphasized that if Brooks was cleared by the doctors and none of the punters tomorrow clearly surpassed him, Brooks could well remain as the team’s punter.

As far as Cooley, someone asked if Brooks would be holding even if he didn’t punt, which Zorn found mildly amusing. “Chris Cooley can’t punt for us,” he said. “If [Brooks] can’t punt, he can’t hold.”

Actually, I had numerous reports from people who saw Cooley booting the ball around in pregame warmups, and they all thought he had a heck of a leg. It’s a questionable use of your Pro Bowl tight end, but maybe we shouldn’t rule anything out.

8 Responses

  1. I tell you what – Brooks is just terrible. It’s amazing the bad positions he puts the team in. Lately Suisham has been doing the same thing, but you have to let him slide because he’s a heck of a field goal kicker….UGH, GET BROOKS OUT OF THERE.

  2. Matt, what’s with your earlier post that the Skins are looking to get an “injury settlement” with Brooks?

    That would mean he would be out of his contract, but could be re-signed, are they really looking to get rid of him completely?

  3. What is Mike Bragg up to now? I am sure he can still nail one 40+ yards! :)

  4. I’m a superintendent at Burke Lake Golf Course with Fairfaxcounty. Needless to say the crew are big fans and look forward to the rest of the season. I had the pleasure to employee Jeremy Kapinos last fall on our maintnenace crew. He told of of his journey in the NFL with the Jets and how tough it is to get a chance at a dream. I called him after the game and hoped some magic might happen. I hear tell he’s coming out tomorrow for a try out. He’s a lefty at one point I had six lefty’s on my crew. I always root for the underdog.

  5. that’s what we get for “punting” Derrick Frost in the ass to GB

  6. Chris Cooley installed my bird feeder, AND cooked me a six-course Armenian meal.

  7. we would call the earlier misses the “frosty”, but he is a dedicated player,and no matter what stadium i went to for the game, he was always practicing his rythym with with the constant tossing of the ball up and (nerves) down. showed that he cared, and valued his job. sorry that during the pre-season that “frosty” out-kicked the coverage and was let go. droped a snap and “iced” our own kicker. thank you. look at the later pick Horton. LLST21.

  8. Martinsville: Mike Bragg could barely punt it 40 yards in 1973!

    Escakilla: Frost was no better, that’s why he’s gone. His inconsistency is why they drafted Brooks.

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