Slight Punter Update

I’m being told that the team expects to reach an injury settlement with Durant Brooks, which would account for Cerrato’s certainty that they’ll be signing someone while still saying that Brooks hasn’t been cut.

8 Responses

  1. Injury settlement? What, his pride is injured?

  2. Injured?!?!?

    What does that mean? When? Where? How?

  3. It means they’ll probably put him on IR for the rest of the season and continue to let him practice without cutting him in the hopes that he’s better by next year.

    It would be pretty embarassing to cut a draft pick (especially the ONLY punter taken…).

  4. How is that legal to the NFL rules? Doesn’t a player actually have to be injured, besides just his ego, to get an injury settlement?

  5. Jeff, players on IR can’t practice…league rules prohibit it.

  6. I read somewhere re: some loophole that teams use similar to what I described at least. Anyone a little more knowledgable know anything about that?

  7. No player placed on IR is allowed to practice with the team. This was brought up against the Patriots during the whole spygate episode. An injury settlement gives players a cash settlement in exchange for releasing that player. It will benefit the team by limiting its financial responsibility, and the player is able to sign with with another team while receiving a cash settlement. If the statement by Vinnie is true it sounds like Durrant leaving Washington

  8. I never seen a team focus so negatively on a punter before. Durant Brooks is for from being the ‘Skins only or even their biggest problem. He’s a rookie for goodness sake. His talent is superb. I hate that the Redskins and their ‘fans’ have given up so quickly on Brooks. I certainly hope he receives another chance because he deserves one. He’s a great kid with a ton of ability. Your problem really lies with your egotistical special teams coach. A little encouragement instead of all that in your face crap would have gone a long way with a rookie. By the way, why would he instruct Brooks to directional kick from his own end zone? That’s the place where punters are usually instructed to just kick the hell out of it.

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