Dallas Is Ahead in the Weekend Casualty Report

Photo by Ned Dishman.

Photo by Ned Dishman.

Maybe it’s coincidence, maybe it’s the Redskins and Cowboys taking their rivalry to a new (and nonsensical) level, maybe it’s just the way of things in the NFC East. But here’s where things stand:

Redskins #2 running back Ladell Betts sprained his knee yesterday, and Coach Zorn confirms that he’ll miss at least one week if not more. Cowboys backup running back Felix Jones injured his hamstring yesterday, and reports have him out for two weeks or so. The Jones loss probably hits the Cowboys harder; Betts has been a terrific change of pace back from the Redskins, but Jones was shaping up to be a constant threat on both special teams and on offense.

The punter issues here are well-documented at this point, and the team will be working out punters tomorrow. Meanwhile, over in Dallas, punter Mat McBriar is having an MRI on his right leg, so they may well be looking at punters as well. And there really aren’t that many out there, to be honest, at least not with notable NFL experience.

The big one, though, the one that gives Dallas the edge in the Bad Luck Awards for the week, should come as no surprise to anyone who’s been following the NFL at all today. It’s this week’s fantasy football apocalypse, it’s apparently shifted ESPN into suffocation coverage mode, and it’s one that the Redskins REALLY want to make sure they don’t match up with at all: Tony Romo is out for four to five weeks with a broken pinkie. Jason Campbell, meanwhile, has made it through six games without throwing an interception — 179 attempts, still well away from Bernie Kosar’s NFL record of 308, but much better than the situation in Dallas.

This is one matchup where I’m perfectly happy to see Edge: DALLAS at the end.


11 Responses

  1. So Shaun Alexander coming over for a physical tomorrow? To fill in for Ladell Betts? That could be interesting.

  2. I heard about Alexander too, but I don’t know if that’s the best idea. Cartwright is good enough to fill in for two or three weeks.

  3. Too slow to the hole. His numbers took a big hit after Hutch left seattle. Ultimately we’ll see Rock getting more work. Hope I’m wrong about Alexander though.


    He doesn’t run with enough power for this team. Not a fit, if something were to get done in that regard, just sign Mason from the Ravens Practice Squad.

    Easy enough. But that would be stupid anyway, the Skins should be able to make it to the bye week with Rock as the number 2. May need to get him off kick returns though.

  5. oh no… not you to!!! please please please I don’t care about the cowboys…omg…I come here for skins and skins only!!!!

    the media is so saturated with pathetic cowboy non-news it really really makes me sick

    and I almost threw up a little in my mouth…that we had and article on the brokebacks on the redksins blog!!!!!

    Please promise never again….unless we play them this week, ok? thanks.

  6. Damn, Mason would be great to have back. Didn’t even think of that. Plus he would already be familiar with the offense. He was impressive in preseason and would be nice to see him get his shot. Wonder what it would cost us to get Mason. I agree Shaun isn’t the same, and I think he would admit it. He hasn’t wanted to hang up the cleats yet. Guess you never know. He could show up with something to prove. Then again could be another bust. Reason I worried we making this move is that maybe Betts’ injury is more serious then they are letting on. I can’t understand why we would be making a play for a back with Cartwright in the wings if betts only supposed to be down a week or two. From the interviews it sounded as if reciever was more a concern with Kelly potentially going to IR. Week 6 and he still having problems with his knee. Write him off for the season and get someone in here to start learning the system. Heaven forbid Antwaan or Moss have a sprain or game cramp. That puts us super thin. Between our punting game and depth at reciever, a back seems a strange call.

  7. I couldn’t agree more lazarus, it seems strange to me too.

    I almost wonder if this Alexander thing is just messing around with things to have a story out there?

    Ya never know, decent smoke screen though.

  8. We can get Marcus Mason back, all we need to do is sign him to the active roster. He’s on Baltimore’s pratice squad and can be signed to any team’s active roster. All we need is a slot – something that could be freed up if Kelly is placed on IR because of his knee.

  9. Owww. Matt McBriar is a UH alumni and someone we care about…

    In reality, all the players are someone’s child and the mom in me wants all to be healthy and safe- regardless of team. ;-)

  10. I remember 3 years ago in January when the skins went to Seattle to play our second playoff game….Shaun Alexander was having his career year, then he met Sean Taylor, he fumbled the ball got a concussion and never had another 100+ yard game again.
    Hopefully he’s got his confidence back and its worth a week or two try

  11. my favorite thing about Sean Taylor was his ability to get in guys heads. TO always got a bad case of alligator arms with taylor in the game, sure do miss him.

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