Sunday, October 12: Gameday, Redskins v. Rams – Think Pink

I’m not usually a huge fan of pink jerseys, the ones marketed to women who like a sports team but don’t want to wear their colors. This has never made sense to me, and I’m certainly not the first one to reach this conclusion.

One game a year, though, the pink jerseys make sense: when the team partners with Zeta Tau Alpha and GlaxoSmithKline for THINK PINK! to honor National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

This year, that one game is today. The wives of coaches and players, along with Tanya Snyder and alumnae cheerleaders, will be helping the ladies of ZTA hand out pink ribbons at FedExField Gate A.

“Things are going great today,” says Tina Maxwell, vice president of Silver Spring’s ZTA Alumnae. “I’ve been doing this since the program’s inception, and we have more volunteers this year than I’ve ever seen before.”

Although the ribbons are being handed out free to promote awareness, donations are accepted. “Every year, people give more than I expect,” Maxwell says, “and we are certainly grateful for their contributions.”

Also, during the month of October, one dollar from the sale of limited pink edition “R” hats will go to breast cancer awareness, which makes buying the pink gear make at least a little more sense.


2 Responses

  1. One dollar from the sale of limited edition hats? That is some seriously weak support if you ask me. I thought there was a percentage from all the pink gear sales going to breast cancer research year round; I thought that was the whole point of selling pink stuff. Maybe I’m a cynic but I am actually extremely disappointed by that “Let’s help, but not too much” attitude.

  2. I have found every team is different with pink gear. Then the manufacturers just sell gear without any benefit to anyone in some cases. Finding a cure and being aware, happens one person at a time. Groups raise money 1$ at a time. If they sell 80,000 hats, that is $80,000. That is pretty awesome!

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