Redskins v. Rams – Third Quarter Thoughts

  • It doesn’t matter how many commercials you see or how many times you watch the start of A Few Good Men; the U.S. Marine Corps Silent Drill Platoon (who were on the field at halftime) is still remarkable to watch in person.
  • Digital LaRon Landry is trying to pump up the crowd, but he’s still just creeping me out. (Apparently digital LaRon pumps up for the defense, and digital Jason Campbell quiets them down for the offense.)
  • Steven Jackson is validating all the ominous things the Redskins defense was saying about him this week. He’s an impressive running back, and the Redskins defense deserves credit for holding the Rams to a field goal after that.
  • After a Redskins drive stalls following a sack of Campbell, Durant Brooks gets off what appears to be a legitimately good punt, and even that is returned to the 50. This is one of those games where absolutely everything is going wrong, even when it starts off looking not so bad.
  • For further example: the Redskins defense is doing a marvelous job of keeping this one close and keeping the team in it. They’re hassling the Rams, and get a great sack of Bulger to force the punt — and then the offense stalls, Campbell has the ball stripped, and Brooks gets off a punt that doesn’t even land before the crowd starts booing.
  • Again the defense hold the Rams to a field goal, and from a certain perspective the Redskins are lucky to only be trailing by nine … against a team that they were favored to beat by two touchdowns. Not a positive first three quarters so far.

15 Responses

  1. Brooks needs to go. This kid has had enough chances. Its making me miss Frost who I never really liked. I really hope we can pull this out in the 4th. And where is the O line in this game. JC has been vulnerable way too much. Pathetic showing so far.

  2. What happened to the Ram hunting? I thought Cooley was gonna be hunting Rams? I guess what he meant to say was, “I like talking. I don’t like playing well.”

  3. The real Redskins have shown up today against the Rams.

  4. Jason Campbell is being exposed today.

  5. Redskins fans seemed to party too hard at tailgate time. Don’t sound loud and are acting spoiled.

  6. Redskins are being outcoached. Bring Marty back.

  7. All week eveyone said the Redskins would win this game big. I was scared of this game and I’m sure the players were.

    Man I hope they can pull it out.


  8. Yeah!!!!! Randel El will run it back for a TD

  9. NOT. Kareem Moore is not good.

  10. I tried to tell everyone that the Skins sucked really bad. Now people are seeing that I am right. Zorn = beginner’s luck. Bring Marty back.

  11. I can’t get the game because of this stupid cable. What’s the score?

  12. 17-16 Redskins. 1:54 remaining, Rams driving.

  13. bunch of f*cking losers. they don’t deserve to win. Wipe away the Dallas and Philly wins because you just lost to the worst team in the league.

  14. I called it. I knew they would loose. It’s all Snyder’s fault

  15. As a 47 year Redskin fan, I find the dismissal of our new punter, while he has punted horribly as the scapegoat for an unprepared football team. The offense was sluggish and the Defense played with little intensity. The Redskins were a much better team and failed to take advantage of their position as favorite.

    The punter stinks, but we knew that in preseason, seems he was kept to make the draft look better than the abysmal failure that it is. Had it not been for a former coach we wouldn’t have Horton either! Nice bunch of scouts and Player personnel staff we have. Looks like the 2007 Redskins without Sean Taylor and with some new coaches!

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