Redskins v. Rams – Some Postgame Quotes

Coach Zorn assessed the loss as bluntly as you’d expect (“It was maddening”), but most interesting were his comments on the punter situation.

“We have to improve our punting or we’re gonna be in trouble every game. Either we bring someone in to compete we get our punter — who’s a young guy — to improve.”

This may not be the fire and brimstone, death from on high, eviscerating commentary that people were hoping for, but it’s a far cry from Zorn’s previous let’s-give-the-kid-some-time approach. I would be shocked if there’s not at least someone in for tryouts on Tuesday.

* * * * * *

Pete Kendall was a stand-up guy, literally. He stood at his locker fielding question after question from reporters until everyone was satisfied and everyone left. Some guys try to dodge questions, or get out of the locker room as quickly as possible; Kendall handled it like a professional, and he took it hard.

“I’m not gonna get over that one so easily. I should’ve knocked it down. I don’t know why it didn’t,” he said.

Later, he elaborated. “A thousand things went through my mind. I felt like the ball was up forever. I should have gone with my first thought, which was to knock it down. But I felt if I grabbed it and threw it down they might call it a fumble, and so I held on and tried to get it back to the line of scrimmage. My sense is that we were near field goal range, but that’s just thinking too much. I’ve just got to knock that ball down, and we’re talking about a different thing today.”

Asked about the mood in the locker room at halftime, he added, “That ridiculous, boneheaded play I made really swung the momentum…. I let our offense down, I let our defense down, I let everyone down.”

Kendall’s been having a fantastic season so far, so hopefully he’ll get past this one and get back into his form from the last four games.

* * * * * *

Kareem Moore seemed disappointed, and frustrated, and didn’t even seem sure of what happened on the punt return where Randle El collided with him.

“I don’t know. I saw the wall developing on the right side, so I was trying to stay contained, and I looked up and he came right through the middle. I don’t know … I think he just avoided the wall and ran my way. That’s all I can figure.”

* * * * * *

Fred Smoot had sympathy for Leigh Torrence on the late long pass that put the Rams in position for the winning field goal.

“The first thing they tell you when you come into this league as a corner is you better have a short memory or you can’t play in this league. You can’t blame this game on [Torrence}. We had numerous plays before that where we could’ve made plays.”

Later, he elaborated on the specific pass play. “That’s the most dangerous ball in football to a cornerback, the underthrown ball, because they can judge it and we can’t. Nine times out of ten it’s usually gonna be a pass interference, or he’s gonna have a better chance to catch the ball than we did. They made the plays when they had to, and they took advantage of the turnovers, so they won. Hey, they played better than the Redskins today.”

* * * * * *

Clinton Portis echoed the sentiments of many of the commenters here, also acknowledging that the team had maybe been a little too up this week. Asked if anyone needed to take this loss particularly hard, Portis shrugged.

“We should all take it hard, because we have a golden opportunity to establish ourselves, and we let it slip away. We’re playing up and down to the level of our competition week in and week out.”

* * * * * *

Rock Cartwright summed up the general sense of the locker room after being asked if the Rams won this game or the Redskins lost it.

“It was definitely us. Not to take any credit away from them because they are a good team, but at the same time we beat ourselves. We didn’t get the job done today.”

11 Responses

  1. Jason Campbell still doesn’t seem comfortable or relaxed as quarterback. He is scrambling more but at the same time at times he is not aware of his surrounding. He has a good arm but rarely throws long passes, is there a reason he doesn”t? My hats off to Clinton Portis & Horton. Go Redskins! Maybe when Jason seems confused you could use Brennen.

  2. Where is Cooley’s post Ram Hunting analysis?

  3. Denise: I think maybe your not seeing the whole field, a common problem we as fans have because of how TV handles the game. Keep in mind that JC isn’t going to force throws downfield if the defense is playing to prevent the deep ball.

    I actually thought he handled himself very well today, but I did think Zorn was a bit conservative in his playcalling against the Rams. His pocket presence has been pretty good, and he showed it quite a bit today with a lot of blitzing and still able to move up or sideways in the pocket and still get the ball for positive yardage.

    The line didn’t play well in regards to pass protection today, and of course the turnovers killed ’em. They’ll be alright, this will probably end up a good thing in the long run.

    This will be a game they can point to down the road and keep themselves balanced and focused.

  4. I don’t know what happened. The Redskins have been playing so well, and then today they seemed like a different teams, turning the ball over dropping passes. The Redskins have in my opinion a very good team, but they need to play the way I know they are capable of playing. Jason Campbell still needs work, but I am hopeful. I am pleased with Chris Horton as a new member of the Redskins. I pray next week we will be more focused and play a better game.

  5. I agree with BluCollar Redskin…a little humble pie is always good. They’ll be alright! I have faith

  6. Also agree with BluCollar. This game might help with the long haul. The ‘Skins beat the ‘Skins today; we may lose another game or so down the stretch; however. I don’t think the Skins will beat the Skins again.

    The Rams came in hungry, with a new coach and a by week to prepare and Saunders knows the Skins players.

    I have backed the team since 1972 thru the “ecstasy of (wins) and the agony of defeat”. Time to move on, stay focused and eat some of Zorn’s “medium” medicine – it will be restorative.


  7. They played a good game i know dat turnovers will kill any good team. Jason Campbell palyed an outstanding game even though they lost the game,kudos to CP he played a good game today. They have to do something with the PUNTER!!!! i know that D>Frost is laughing from Green Bay. Keep!!! your heads up Redskins you guys are still one of the beast from the NFC EAST!!!!…. By the way the Cowgirls lost to the Red Birds who knows maybe T.O. is crying about the lost in Arizona……HAIL!!!! TO THE REDSKINS!!!…… ALOHA!!!!!!!…

  8. It’s not the punter folks. If the offense is doing its job, you don’t see the punter. If the ‘Skins got a first down during their last drive, the ending would be different. Bottom line….it’s back to basics.

  9. I think this was a good loss. It keeps the Redskins humble, and now they don’t overlook the weaker teams. I think Clinton Portis hit the nail on the head in his post game interview. They (redskins) haven’t been in the spotlight like that in a long time, and just got relaxed. They will be alright. GO SKINS

  10. Kendall has always been more cerebral then some other lineman. I can see how and why he thought of all those things when the ball is up in the air. But I will disagree with most and not put the loss on that play. I mean it was the 1st half. Way too much happened in that 2nd half that could’ve sealed the deal and we didn’t take advantage. Kendall will be fine and we’ll move foward.

    Mistake in football usually has to do with WHEN they happen. 1st half I think you can recover. Its sort of like the NBA; don’t start playing until the 4th quarter. For me I would put more on the poor defense of Torrence then Kendall. I know its a tough ball to defend but in the 4th quarter is when you have to make a play (period).

  11. Still got my faith…just a slip up. Hey, the Cowgirls lost too, so at least they didnt get ahead of us!

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