Redskins v. Rams – Second Quarter Thoughts

  • Well, the good news on the Chris Cooley fumble is that all it really amounts to is an eight yard loss; the Rams drive ends with a punt into the end zone. So mathematically, it’s not so bad, but the announcement in the press box that the Redskins are the first team in NFL to go their first five games without an offenssive turnover is still a bummer.
  • The team goes for it on fourth down and converts, although it’s closer than you’d like to see. That fourth down conversion could be interpreted, from a certain perspective, as a vote of no-confidence in Durant Brooks. Of course, it could also be interpreted as a vote of confidence in the defense, or as a basic, logical decision at 4th and a half yard.
  • Apparently the team heard the complaints about the Quiet! Offense At Work Sign, and they’ve also heard the players mention that the crowd really needs to be quiet when the offense is in. To solve these seemingly contradictory needs, they’ve replaced the quiet sign with a bizarre series of Madden-ized digital players doing the bird flap to quiet the crowd. It may be an uncanny valley thing, but I find the video football players to be slightly disconcerting.
  • Another fumble, this one attributed to Casey Rabach. I didn’t realize that I had forgotten what it feels like to turn the ball over — it really kills your momentum. This is one of those things that should be deeply obvious, but somehow had slipped my mind during the turnover-free streak.
  • There was some discussion here yesterday about LaRon Landry becoming feared in coverage, and he demonstrates why by putting a hit on Joe Klopfenstein on a Rams third down that completely jars the ball loose. I wish he got the opportunity to do that more often.
  • Jason Campbell scrambles for 19 yards. He never looks graceful doing this, and any Campbell run is usually good for an amusing Zorn postgame quote, but that was pretty impressive.
  • Landry was determined to take down Steven Jackson on his first down play, no matter how much his forward motion was already stopped. It’s like he’s got that Thursday Night steamrolling from Brandon Jacobs playing on infinite replay in the YouTube of his brain, and he wants to make sure nothing like that ever happens again.
  • The Campbell-to-Cooley deep pass with thirty seconds left in the half was not only a big-time play for the Redskins, but it finished with the sort of hit that even makes the jaded guys in the press box go “Oooooooohhhh.”
  • Not as much, though, as the bizarre series of mishaps that led to the Rams scoring fumble recovery touchdown just before the end of the half. That got everyone chattering. It seems reasonable to assume that this is the most down that a Zorn Redskins team will have been heading into the half, and it’ll be interesting to see how they handle it.

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