Redskins v. Rams – Inactives

Nothing too surprising today. I had heard some speculation that Justin Hamilton might play since Doughty is out, but it looks like the numbers didn’t work out that way.

Redskins inactives:

  • 5 QB Colt Brennan (emergency third QB)
  • 12 WR Malcolm Kelly
  • 32 S Justin Hamilton
  • 37 S Reed Doughty
  • 74 OL Stephon Heyer
  • 75 OL Chad Rinehart
  • 78 DE Erasmus James
  • 98 DE Rob Jackson

Rams inactives:

  • 13 Brock Berlin (emergency third QB)
  • 14 WR Keenan Burton
  • 26 CB Tye Hill
  • 30 RB Antonio Pittman
  • 67 G Roy Schuening
  • 79 T John Greco
  • 83 WR Drew Bennett
  • 89 WR Dane Looker

One Response

  1. Why is it that the Skins play better away than at home?

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