Redskins v. Rams – Fourth Quarter Thoughts

  • After a promising Redskins drive loses rhythm and breaks down, Durant Brooks pulls down and controls a high snap to let Suisham knock the field goal through. I’m not sure what’s going to come of Brooks after this game, if his performance so far has his job in jeopardy (as so many people are speculating), but I will say that losing the snap there would not have helped him out at all.
  • I really think there needs to be some sort of reasonable reaction clause for post-field-goal stadium celebrations. It seems strange that being held to a field goal results in pretty much the same songs and scoreboard celebrations as a long touchdown pass would.
  • Sort of a rough game for the special teams as a whole, actually — that’s a bad spot for a kick to go out of bounds.
  • The defense got a gift from the Rams with that illegal formation penalty. That’s the biggest break they’ve gotten all game, after a play where they really should’ve had the sack, or the stop, or any number of things. It’s disappointing that they needed a penalty, but you take what you can get.
  • This game in microcosm: Antwaan Randle El appears to be breaking free for his first big punt return in ages, and he goes down when he runs into one of his own guys. That pretty much sums up the way everything has felt since the end of the first half.
  • Someone who isn’t talked about enough: Mike Sellers. That guy is just blowing people up on the blocks.
  • Maybe running into his own guys is something Randle El is doing on purpose, since he just ended an impressive catch and run on the goalline by doing the same thing to James Thrash. Portis cleans up the touchdown, but it’s a bit of a distressing trend.
  • The timeout prior to the touchdown was a good call, even if they need one later. Portis was visibly winded as they lined up, and a few of the other guys seemed to need water or a quick breather as well.
  • I’m going to disagree with the commenter who says the FedEx crowd seems quiet, at least at this point. This is the clearest I’ve ever been able to hear this stadium’s crowd through the press box glass.
  • Or at least it was until Marc Bulger completed that long pass to Donnie Avery. That silenced everyone pretty quickly.
  • Another one for the questionable in-stadium reaction list: cranking Black Sabbath’s Iron Man in response to a crucial unsportsmanlike conduct penalty on the opponent. It’s a beneficial penalty, yes. It makes the kick at least marginally tougher, although Josh Brown drained a 51 yarder like there was nothing to it earlier, but it’s not really something to play Iron Man about.
  • Brown’s kick is good; your final score is St. Louis 19, Washington 17. A disappointing loss for the Skins by any reckoning.
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12 Responses

  1. Extremely disappointing. I think there were a lot of mistakes in this game including play calling. We should have started slamming them from the beginning and taken control. There are games to practice patience in and games where you just need to dominate immediately. A learning lesson. Let’s hope next week is better.

  2. please send torrence to the practice squad where he belongs. that was pathetic

  3. Let me ask you this, can we fine any lineman that thinks he can run the ball like $100,000. If that hadn’t happened, we would have won the game.

  4. What the HECK just happened. I believe they should of taken control and gone out with intensity that they have these past few games. GO SKINS!!! Now, I hope those cowgirls lose also.

  5. next time a lineman catches the ball, GO DOWN!!!!

  6. Pathetic, right? At least thats what I call it. I had said earlier this week to beware of the “adrenaline flush.” Well, we just saw it. The Redskins were flat all game long, except for that one drive in the 4th qtr.

    And, would someone please calm Durant Brooks down so that he can kick the ball the way he’s supposed to…

    Don’t even get me started on Pete Kendall. I said enough about him already…

    Flat…the Redskins were just “flushed” flat

  7. Sloppy line play on passing downs…way too many penalties and turnovers to win against any team. Even the Rams…ughhhhh, really? We beat the Eagles and Cowgirls and then lose to the Rams??? This team plays to the level of the competition, has for years now…hopefully Zorn can remedy that. Only positive from this…should be a huuuuuge wake up call. This team is not as good as they thought they were.

  8. Too many attempts at heroics. Kendall trying to run the ball and Cooley, though we all love him, should have gone down, too. I bet if Campbell fell on the ball on the bad snap, he could have had a better chance at recovering than by trying to pick it up. This was just a classic trap game, and the Redskins didn’t prepare and were careless.

    And I have no animosity towards Brooks, but he’s just not where he needs to be now. One good game out of 6 isn’t good enough.

  9. you think you had it bad? over here in Scotland i was forced to watch the saints V raiders game while trying to keep up to date with things online, the f’n link to went down when we had the ball on their 16, by t he time i got it back they’d scored a TD, same thing after they got the field goal, we’d started moving the ball, tho the O line didn’t protect campbell enough from what i was seeing, got it back online, they’d scored another FG!!!! then to give away that long reception in the last two minutes on a third and long? wot the f***!!!! the rams, the 0-4 rams!!!!! they should have been ground into the mud, and wot was with moss, 2-22, whats that about? and a lineman trying to run with a ball, don’t they know they are only there cos they are fat sons of beatches, clinicallly obese with cleats on, fall on the bloody ball, burst that mother with your big gut but do not run with it, christ sake, dock him a months pay for losing it and another for not having the sense he was born with. i’m so mad i want to strangle an eagles fan, luckily my 16yr old son fits the bill, one word from him and he’ll be sleeping in the garden, traitor that he is.

  10. my god what a tough one to swallow. that was probally the worst football you could expect to see. absolutely nothing to cheer about. How mahy of you were asking what the hell was skins prob after that last portis touchdown? where the heck were we all game?

  11. Skins have blown it against the Rams year in year out just like the Cowboys have blown it against the Lions. This was a bad loss because it is these losses that are the difference between decent teams and great teams. Great teams put these games away. It’s one thing if it’s a team that is contending but the Rams are just getting fresh breath after drowning with their new coach. And it was the Skins who just gave them CPR -_-‘
    The old Deadskins rear their ugly head again. If we keep playing simply not to lose, we beat ourselves. It’s that simple.

  12. BLITZ-BLITZ we must start doing that in the up coming games. We have to put some pressure on those QB’s if we want to make a run for the SUPER BOWL. Smoot has got to cover his man!!!

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