Player’s POV: Casey Rabach and Jon Jansen Amuse Themselves

Time spent on a plane is boring. It doesn’t matter if you’re flying with a random cross-section of humanity or with a professional football team, being trapped in a large metal cylinder thousands of feet above the ground is going to limit your entertainment options.

In the back with the staff, people tend to watch the in-flight movies, zone out to music on their headsets, or try to get some work done. Up with the players, from what I’ve seen, things are pretty much the same. Most guys completely swathe themselves in blankets and sleep, they listen to their music, or they watch movies on portable DVD players.

That’s most guys. Casey Rabach and Jon Jansen also have other ways to entertain themselves, as they demonstrate on camera here on the flight to Dallas. (For those of you wondering why Ethan Albright seemed grouchy boarding the buses to the plane, this video may provide some illumination. It’s possible that he knew what was awaiting him on the flight.)

(Also, I’m experimenting with different types of encoding for video. Let me know if this one looks any better or worse than the previous few.)


6 Responses

  1. They had to do this one several times….Rabach kept starting his part before the camera turned on.

  2. I want to see the plane ride home!!!

  3. There are some interesting correlations between the Skins’ success and the crashing economy.

  4. Brian- that is an awesome article!!!


  5. I would like to think that the Redskins success is not tied to outside influences and rather is based on their solid play this season.

    The video itself was hilarious. I was highly amused. As for the picture quality, I think it was really about the same as the others.

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