On the Field for Practice – 10/10

It’s Friday, so it’s time for this week’s edition of How to Remind Guys That This is Not A Walkthrough. This week, Coach Zorn moving the team between drills, running down the field and yelling “Do NOT walk! Do NOT walk!”

  • Congratulations to this week’s game ball winners: Chris Cooley (offense), Andre Carter (defense), and Chris Wilson (special teams). All three seemed pleased with the accomplishments, but Wilson in particular was enthused; he had also won the special teams “big hit” award, an intricately carved stick, making him the first to win both special teams awards in one week.
  • The most exciting part of practice was the guys who participated: almost everyone, Reed Doughty being the lone exception. His back has flared up with what they think is a pinched nerve, and he’s out for the game.
  • Aside from Doughty, though, everyone did at least light reps. Marcus Washington looks like a gametime decision; Jason Taylor “moved well in the limited reps we gave him,” according to Coach Zorn, and is likely to play even if he can’t start; Shawn Springs was cleared and should play; Cornelius Griffin “looks like he’s gonna be okay.
  • Zorn calls Stephon Heyer “the furthest guy away,” and seemed skeptical that he’d be playing this week, which is a setback from where Heyer seemed to be earlier in the week.
  • LaRon Landry continues to look good in practice, knocking down balls and generally being around the play; I feel like he’s shown things in practice that he hasn’t had the chance to do in games yet, and it would be nice to see him have a break-out week soon.
  • Mixed day for Chris Horton, at least in terms of easily visible outcomes. He had a smooth interception reaching out and jumping in front of the tight end in goal line, but was beaten to the corner of the end zone by Fred Davis on a well-thrown Colt Brennan pass.
  • The second team offense should have had little problem portraying the Rams, whose offensive coordinator is Al Saunders. Not only did quarterback Todd Collins spend years in the Saunders system, culminating in his impressive performance last year, but Todd Yoder, Stephon Heyer, and Jason Fabini all played significant snaps in that offense last year. So it’s at the very least amusing to imagine that they did a particularly thorough job of impersonation in practice.
  • Coach Zorn was asked about punter Durant Brooks, and offered words of encouragement for the rookie. “He had a kicking day on Thursday and was VERY good,” said Zorn. Now they’re trying to make sure he’s ready for “that single kick,” without getting into the rhythm of multiple kicks in practice.
  • Rocky McIntosh, subject of an interesting Jason Reid profile in today’s Washington Post, always impresses me in practice, today by breaking up a couple of passing plays. He’s quietly having a very good season, and it’s good to see that people are starting to notice.


9 Responses

  1. Laron has broken through–no one is testing him! A safety should be seen and not heard.

  2. That’s actually a very good point, and I agree. Should’ve phrased that better.

  3. I would like to see Fred be in the gam e on sunday

  4. With Doughty being out will that mean more PT for Kareem Moore? Rocky is a beast and seems to have the same personality as my favorite player ever, Sean Taylor. Both guys from the “U”, very quiet off the field, but he plays with extreme intensity.

  5. Matt, will Justin Hamilton be activated with the absence of Reed Doughty?

  6. is malcolm kelly going to be activated for this week’s game?

  7. i agree @Laron, but would rather they not be seen/heard but FELT(by the Offense when they come out of no where and slam them down) ;)
    one tv show on foxsports(sorry dunno the name, says that Springs may also be back from injury too) :D

    PS. reading your blog is great since I can find out how Colt is progressing. so many people who are Pro-JC think Hawaii/Colt-fans are anti-JC which is not really true. when all is said and done, the WIN is the most important thing ;)

  8. Matt, your blog has become one of my favorite sources for ‘Skins news. Though I thought your start was a little rough the quality of the writing and topics has increased steadily since you started.

    Hmmm, where have I heard that rough start turning into something that’s working really well…

  9. laron is the unsung hero of this defense right now. No one passes his way

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