Friday Redskins Links – 10/10

I mentioned in my game notes that I was just about on the line of scrimmage for the Randle El to Cooley pass in Sunday’s game, and now I have proof. Sort of. If you have very, very sharp eyes, and know what I was wearing on Sunday. Look:

Okay, so I was five yards behind the line of scrimmage. That, plus my firm conviction that I was ON the line, explains why I was so convinced that Randle El had crossed it before throwing.


5 Responses

  1. Matt,
    Great job with this site. A question pops to mind looking at the freeze frame when Randle El releases the ball.
    It looks like Rabach is more than a yard over the line of scrimmage, (and Randy Thomas about one yard over as well).
    Seems pretty obvious to the naked eye. How did they not get a penalty for ineligible man down field? Thanks!

  2. Good info, Matt. Especially the Chris Paul Groove!

  3. They give the o lineman a yard or two cushion on the downfield rule. This was brought up in post game discussion after the Rabach penalty during the Cowboys game.

  4. Cool coincidence by Chris Paul. I been so excited by skins ball I was watching clips on youtube of hits and stuff. I stumbled across his videos. He’s a great fan and I have started looking forward to hearing what he comes up with each week win or lose. Thanks for the link.

  5. Do you still not like the wave?

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