On the Field for Practice – 10/8

It’s an overcast day today, with a chill in the air that ESPN 980’s Kevin Sheehan accurately pegged as “autumnal,” an excellent word that I never remember to use.

  • I was in and out of practice today and didn’t see as much as I usually do, so I caught up with Andre Carter afterward to see what he thought of it.

    “Well, I think that getting ready for the game itself is always big. St. Louis has been a little down this year, but they’re a talented bunch, and they’re going to come out swinging — swinging with whatever they have. We’re getting ready for ’em, and we’ve just got to keep focused.”

    Were guys focused today?

    “Guys seemed real focused. There was no goofing around or anything like that.”

    Did you spot anyone having a particularly engaged practice or anything?

    “No, no. You know, you’re just so focused on yourself, on doing the best you can do on your stuff, sometimes you don’t even notice everyone else.”

    How about you? Did you have a good practice?

    I think so, but you just do what you can do. Felt good.

  • Here’s some of what I did see.
  • Practice squad linebacker Johnny Baldwin suffered some sort of left knee injury and was taken off the field for evaluation; there should be more details tomorrow.
  • The quarterbacks looked sharp in the one-on-one wide receiver/defensive back drills, but the wide receivers seemed to get the short end — a few drops, a few good plays by the DBs, things like that. Santana Moss continues to look good, and practice squad WR Devin Aromashodu made an aggressive move on the ball that had Coach Zorn enthused, but none of the other receivers stood out today.
  • Stephon Heyer, Shawn Springs, and Cornelius Griffin were all doing light work today. “We try to make it hard on the guys who get injured, so they WANT to get healthy,” said Coach Zorn. I was watching these three run the ladder drill, and I came away VERY impressed with Heyer’s quick feet. You see guys in science fiction movies say things like “How can such a big guy be so FAST?!?!” but you rarely see it in real life; that’s the way I felt watching Heyer.
  • Pete Kendall, who Zorn described as “one of those old warriors,” was given a rest today, watching practice in sweats. I’m glad nothing’s wrong with him, because he is having a monster year blocking for Portis.
  • Jason Taylor did not practice again; Coach hopes he’ll be back tomorrow. A sore back kept Reed Doughty out.
  • Zorn was asked about Portis’s award; he acknowledged that it was an honor, but tried — as always — to stay medium. “We’re not gonna have a banquet just because he’s the NFC Player of the Week,” he said, pointing out that the players are expected to perform like that. “What do you do when you do what you’re supposed to do?”
  • Finally, if you’re in the area, I recommend watching Redskins Players Club on WUSA 9 at noon on Saturday to see the full interview that leads up to this picture. Randy Thomas and Clinton Portis are very good at this hosting thing, and it’s well worth your time.


6 Responses

  1. Two consecutive posts are convincing me that Jason Campbell might actually be charismatic. It’s weird to have a charismatic (and successful, and not crazy) sports star in DC.

    I hope this team beats St. Louis. Given their history of playing up and down, this is almost as big a game as the previous two. Almost. Kind of.

  2. Totally agree with MASH.

    This is a huge game….back at home…..with the home folks ready to go crazy if the team lives up to its end of the bargain, plays hard and well.

    How many times in the recent past have the Redskins blown this type of opportunity? Lots.

    The Fans…the 12th Man….deserve the chance to do what they do best….loudly support a WINNING team!!!

    Rock on Team. No let ups….Get ready to Rock 12th Man!!!

    Lets Do It!!! BEAT THE rams…..

  3. I am also in agreement this is a very big game against the rams but I see no reason why we should not score at least 48 pts! I am calling for it and I dam well better get it! Someone get Zorn on the horn and tell him to pull out all the bells and whistles for this one! I can really see JC having a 4td+ day and there is also no reason why he should not! None the less the RAMS are still an NFL team! That being said they cannot be taken lightly because as up and down as I may sound I am a fan and sound coaching wins football games! but if I can see soft spots in the secondary on Sunday I hope Zorn sees them as well and takes full on advantage and please no more of that prevent defense crap in close games please coach blanch we can do without! What’s wrong with the normal D you play during the game that has worked? What do they have some form of new Offense that dictates a 3 man line? Help me to understand this because I never have and never will and I played the game on a few levels aside from madden! Matters of fact I don’t even play madden! If it aint quake or first person it aint me! That being said hail to the redskins! And pull this one out because I like the tone of this team right now.

  4. Im ready for St. L rams. We are going to smash them and JC should have a great game . But We will Stick to the run. Maybe zorn will open up the play book. GO REDSKINS.

  5. Thanks Matt. Great posts

  6. I am pretty psyched for the St.Louis game. I will be going to the game this weekend and never did I think that the Skins will be 4-1 going into this game. I might lose my voice cheering for the team but it would be worth a week of sore throat syrup (make that a season of cough syrup).

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