Jason Campbell Stops, Looks, Listens, and Raps

When I was a kid, I learned how to safely cross the street from an off-duty policeman and an aspiring folksinger (who set the words “Stop, look and listen before you cross the street” to the tune of Puff The Magic Dragon). In Canada, they learn the same thing, roughly, from Elmer the Safety Elephant. I suppose the messages stick — especially since I still remember that song — but the actual learning experience tends not to be so memorable.

That wasn’t the case for the students at Stuart-Hobson Middle School in Northeast D.C. yesterday, as Jason Campbell stopped by to lead a pep rally and teach a safety clinic on pedestrian safety. The event is part of the FedEx Ground and Air Players of the Week program, in partnership with SafeKids USA, and was held yesterday to get the students ready for today’s International Walk to School Day.

I had been told that it was a fairly low key event; Hines Ward recently did something similar in Pittsburgh, and it was apparently about thirty kids in one classroom, so that’s roughly what I was expecting here. I got to the school slightly late, misjudging the nightmarish DC traffic as I still always do, and walked into abject pandemonium. I don’t know if it’s the Redskins recent success or just an enthusiastic bunch of kids, but these people were excited.

And their excitement only multiplied when Campbell performed the safety rap.

The different classes had each created raps about pedestrian safety, with the prize being that Jason Campbell would perform the winner’s rap onstage with them. The actual performance leaned closer to dramatic reading than rap, but Campbell’s performance is deeply entertaining, especially on the final NA-NA-NA.

Check it out here:

For those of you without audio access, here’s an excerpt of the beginning:

When you walk, you can talk, but don’t trip over a rock.
Don’t rip your sock.
Don’t step on a crack, or you’ll break your mother’s back.
When you get to a red light, fight the urge to go.
Say no.
When it turns green, don’t be mean[?], just go.

Really, it’s all in Campbell’s delivery.

After the pep rally, Campbell went outside and to demonstrate safety to the kids. He showed how to properly secure a bike helmet (you can see the picture above), and how to properly cross a street, as shown in this video.

See the looking left, looking right? That’s the same sort of head-on-a-swivel awareness that led to Sunday’s crucial third down scramble.

It was impressive to watch Campbell manage the sheer level of excitement he was greeted with — the shouting, the cellphone cameras, the number of autographs — but he just shrugged it off and continued signing. “My mom was a teacher,” he said, “so I’m used to talking to the kids.”


4 Responses

  1. Jason, please don’t give up your day job!

  2. I think I would have liked to heard CP rap that…

  3. Maybe they should have gotten Malcolm Kelly to spit something, lol.

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