Clinton Portis Wins Without Your Votes Too

Photo by Ned Dishman

Photo by Ned Dishman

As I mentioned earlier, getting Clinton Portis selected as the FedEx Ground Player of the Week is up to you guys. And Adam Schein of FOX Sports is already championing Portis for league MVP, which is nice but ultimately just speculation. This week, though, Portis was named the NFC Offensive Player of the Week for his work against the Eagles, which is both factual AND not up for a vote. This is Portis’s third time receiving a weekly honor, and his second with the Redskins.


13 Responses

  1. Matt,

    The Fed-Ex link sends you to the Week 1 vote.

  2. Dude’s still got it!

  3. Portis is a monster!!! GO SKINS!!!

  4. Way to go, CP! Here’s to you eventually retiring as a true Redskin legend. Hail!

  5. He’s made this offense competitive for the past 5 years. His first season gaining 1300 yards in a system that hadn’t been run since the 80’s is pretty impressive to me. I remember a game against cleveland where there defense was calling out where he was going to run. Gibbs first season as a play caller was brutal and CP still managed to be solid. This guy is a great all around player, and its bothered me how he’s dogged for not being as good as he was in Denver. He’s just as good u just have to look at the big picture.

  6. Congrats CP. Love ya man!

  7. Congratulations CP

    All of us (Redskin fans) appreciate what you give
    week in and week out…

    Your a leader .. I’d give you the ball whenever you asked for it …

  8. Congrats CP. What a Team — Great job CP and the O-line, the blocks, the D keeping the offense on the field. Well just whole team efffort. Hip Hip Hooray.

    You all made my birthday Sunday – thank you!

    Keep “medium” and keep the guard up for the hungry Rams.

  9. PS Matt – great job with the blog. Love all the extra links and info – including trivia, like the Dallas/Skins rivalry beginning with G Preston Marshall over the fight song — LOL

  10. Matt, I’m dyin for a practice update. This work day won’t end.

  11. Same here! Been goin back and forth between this site and a couple others, but NOTHIN! Lol

  12. Practice doesn’t end until 3:15 or so on Wednesday and Thursday, so updates — aside from major ones — probably don’t go up until then. I’ll have mine up shortly, although it’s a little different today.

  13. Thanks, sorry for being impatient…practice updates are the best though

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