Tuesday Redskins Links – 10/7

Just two links today, but they’re both long ones.

  • Gregg Easterbrook’s Tuesday Morning Quarterback spends as many words on the Redskins as I can remember — certainly the most that were this favorable. Sure, you have to sift through about eleven and a half million other words about the financial crisis and TV shows, and you have to translate his needlessly complicated nicknames (look for “Nanticokes”), but — as is usually the case with Easterbrook — the good bits are worth it.
  • A week before I started this gig, I read a long profile of Jim Zorn that was part of what made me so excited to see the new coach in action. (I didn’t notice at the time, but it turns out to have been a David Elfin piece in the Washington Times.) I hadn’t thought about it since then, but an emailer today made mention of it, and I reread it to respond to his question. I was pleased to find that it holds up really well, especially in light of the Jim Zorn we’ve seen through the first five weeks of the season. Since I didn’t have the platform to recommend it when I first read it, I do so now.

  • (Zorn photo from the excellent Becky’s Seattle Seahawks Website.)


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