Tuesday, October 7: Randle El Hip Hip Hoorays

It’s been up on Redskins.com for awhile, and it’s also been picked up around the blog-o-world, but if you haven’t seen Antwaan Randle El leading the “hip hip hooray” after the win over the Eagles, it’s an excellent way to start off the day.


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  1. Awesome video, I hadn’t seen it. Randle El, while not producing as much as I’d necessarily expect of such a high caliber player, seems to be a fantastic leader for the team and generally a jovial guy that everyone likes. This type of stuff is definitely excellent for morale

  2. (Raising eyebrows) Certainly helps that he’s quite nice to look at …

  3. I heard that Owens wept in the sideline after catching the TD pass against the Bengals last week. It’s a great feeling that this latest downfall of TO started after the game against the Skins. If you can find the video of TO’s latest bout of public crying, please post it here.

  4. Good stuff…

  5. I liked the Zorn Hip, Hip much better than this one. It seems like El is making fun of Zorn.

    Zorn did it with a lot of passion.

  6. Looks like the player are have a lot of fun!
    The smiles on their faces…priceless….

  7. I love Randel El’s jaunty look as he’s doing the hip hip’s. It is very old timey.

  8. Haha i put this on youtube under “RedskinsMusic” account and it has got about 7,000 views with-in a day!!!!


  9. Good times in Redskin land. I hope it keeps going.

  10. Hello Redskins Nation.

    We are very excited to have the team come home after winning two NFC East road games against the Dallas Cowboys and the Philadelphia Eagles. HAIL!

    This week we have the St. Louis Rams, and this will not be an easy game, especially if we want to maintain our growth and standing the NFC East, the NFC conference, and the league.

    We are the only team in the NFL with a battle cry (Hail to the Redskins!). And now we are the only team in the NFL with a post-game celebrate chant thanks to our new Head Coach Jim Zorn (Hip-Hip Hooray!).

    After beating the Dallas Cowboys, the supposedly best team in the NFL, Jim Zorn in the locker led the team in a celebration chat of Hip-Hip Hooray. It would be exciting to have the entire stadium, and the Redskins Nation, join the team in the celebration chant before they head to the locker room.

    My brother and I are organizing the first Hip-Hip Hooray celebration chant this Sunday after our team beats the St. Louis Rams at the stadium. If it is clear at the 2:00 minute warning of the 4th quarter that the Washington Redskins will win the game we ask that all Redskins fans in the stadium (we will be at the game in Section 424—Row 12—Seats 7, 8 & 9) to join us in a celebration chant of Hip-Hip Hooray!

    If it is not clear by the 2:00 minute warning of the 4th quarter that we will win the game then we will start the chant 30 seconds later at 1:30 minute mark. If not then, then 30 second later at the 1:00 minute mark. If not then, then 30 seconds later at the 30 second mark.

    You get the pattern. At some point at the 2:00 minute warning of the 4th quarter or after we want to do the chant if it is clear we will win the game. We do not want to do the chant before the 2:00 minute warning of the 4th quarter!

    To make it easy for everyone to participate for the first time we asking that the entire stadium join together in the Hip-Hip Hooray chant in unison. And yes brings to celebrate.

    If we are successful in getting fans to join in after the game this week, then we will organize the second chant with sections of the stadium doing the call (Hip-Hip) and the other sections doing the response (Hooray!).

    We hope this celebration chant will become a tradition for Redskins fans attending the game after each victory.

    Please join us this Sunday for a big Hip-Hip Hooray, after we win the game.


    Derek Silver and Marvin Silver
    Washington Redskins Fans 4 Life

    PS, Check us out on Facebook at Hip-Hip Hooray (Washington Redskin’s Coach Jim Zorn’s Celebration Cry)

  11. Well to lose to the Rams is totally unacceptable. I read an interview during the week with a player who talked about not being given the recognition and respect they feel they deserve. Sports writers were asking if they are really contenders or pretenders. You would think after road wins against the Cowboys and Eagles the Redskins would have no trouble beating the Rams IN THEIR OWN HOUSE! THIS TEAM MAKES IT SO HARD TO STAY A FAN WHEN THEY DO WHAT THEY DID TODAY. GET A GRIP. When you take the field feeling like you can win, that is a good attitude. You should do it each game. But if you take the field thinking you are going to win…no doubt, then you make the stupid mistakes the Skins made today. I hope this is the wake up call you needed, but you better be prepared for what the sports writers will say now…you blew it!

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