Clinton Portis Keeps Things So Medium They Become Medium Rare

Photo by Mike Rudy

Photo by Mike Rudy

Clinton Portis was interviewed on the Dan Patrick Show today. No funny characters or anything like that, unless you consider The Most Humble Player on Earth to be a character. At least for the duration of this interview, Portis seems to have taken the message of “keeping it medium” completely to heart. The amusing results include describing the Redskins as “just scrapping to stay a part of the division” and naming Jason Campbell as the fourth best QB in the NFC East.

You can listen to the whole interview here, and I assure you that it’s worth it. For those of you without audio capability, here are a few choice selections.

Asked who the best team in the division is:
“Well, the Giants are the Super Bowl champs. They the team that everybody’s gunning for, and that’s the team who should have the spotlight. For us, we’re just guys trying to find a way to get to where they’ve been.”

Asked if you can say that Redskins have proven more this year:
“You can’t. Because the Giants won the Super Bowl. We didn’t. The Giants playing great, and you’ve gotta give them their credit. We really don’t even want that kinda pressure amongst us as a team, we don’t feel like we’re the team to beat in the NFL.”

Asked about the team being under the radar:
“Us as a team – we’re gonna go out and play like we under the radar, we’re not gonna give in to the headlines and ‘the Redskins the best team in the NFC East.’ At the end of the season if you call me back and you can say that, it’ll be a great conversation between us, but for right now, I don’t think we’ve done nothin’, we’ve taken it one game at a time, this season can easily turn around. So what we’ve gotta do is focus and find a way to continue to win.”

Asked for the best quarterback in the division:

“Gotta be Eli Manning, that’s the Super Bowl champ.”

Asked for the second best:

“Probably Tony Romo, he led his team to 13-3 last year.”

Third best:

“Well, I would think Donovan McNabb.”

And Jason Campbell?

“He the one flying under the radar.”

Plenty, plenty more in the interview.

9 Responses

  1. Peter King in MMQB Tuesday Edition, in part of his explanation as to why he ranked the Cowgirls higher than the ‘skins:

    “It came down to this: If Washington and Dallas met on a neutral field in Wichita right now, I think Dallas would win.”

    I’m sorry…what? Didn’t the Redskins just dominate them IN DALLAS?

    Do you, through your press connections, have any way of calling him out on this?

  2. Klopfenstein, The Rams are Dangerous right now and this need not be said as any 0-4 team is dangerous in my opinion cause they will do anything to win which is what you should do if you are 4-0 as well but hey that’s me! Anyway back to the skins. In order for this to not be a trap game we must not under any circumstances let Marc Buldger or Stephen Jackson get hot! That’s first and foremost and a very close second would be dismantling Tory Holt quickly to take away their passing game which does not really exist but it could wake up someday! maybe…. but overall if this game is played physical we should have a dominating Performance and an extremely big win because now we have to win the games we are “supposed to win” and this is when you really know you have a playoff ready team when you pull the surprise upsets, when you come from behind to win, when your involved in a shootout (see New Orleans game), and when you hold on the ball and keep turnovers to a minimum which we are doing very well at the moment. Now Couple this with beating teams you’re supposed to beat and you got yourself one hell of a dominating football team. the redskins are an underdog team no matter what the point spread says if we were went undefeated in any season in the future we would be an underdog team and this goes for historic redskin teams that won division titles and super bowls we are a blue collar team who sports writers never really talk about going into any season even if we won the year before and that’s how we like it! That’s what Redskins football is about! We show up on Sundays and smash your nose in to make believers out of other teams. going back to when Gibbs put replacements on the field and beat the cowgirls to when we played our starters in a strike season to get to the super bowl to saying we’re not going to let this happen after the murder of Sean Taylor to catapult themselves into the post season. This team has and always will be the scrappy underdog that will fight to the end. So as long as the skins think like that then whoever lines up in front of us watch out! The keys to this game against the Rams are as follows

    Defense: Keep up the good work! I’m anxious to see weather JT (Jason Taylor) will come back and get a few sac’s which would greatly and I mean greatly help in to secure a win. This is a game where we can make a pass rushing statement! Because we have yet to do it thus far in the season so JT really needs to have a monster day and I know he will after sitting out games in which the D dominated in Dallas and Philly

    Offense: Portis-my man we need another big day from you and somehow I think we will see it <<< never worry about this guy as he is one of the few players in the NFL who plays 150% on every play!

    JC- looking good my man keep up the good work as well whatever kool aide you drinking make another pitcher full! But I need you to silence the naysayers this week! How about we go out and have us a 3 TD 350 yard game! I know it’s in you and I can see it getting ready to happen for you because you’re letting the game come to you so hopefully we will see you taking knees to end this one out to! But way to not force anything I am thoroughly impressed. remember Cooley is like a guaranteed 11 yards so when its 2 and 9 he is my second check I would think and on third and long he would be second you guys probably have something designed to go to him in these situations anyway which I would use until someone stops it because Chris Cooley is a terror and a problem in the middle of the field! And no one can stop it….

    Santana- nuff said this should be a big game for you and I see you running in front of d-backs all afternoon! Least that’s what Dion Warwick told me…….

    Special teams- Durant Brooks!! Get it together!! ASAP like T.I

  3. A neutral field? We just beat them in Dallas!

  4. Wichita wouldn’t be neutral. It would be mostly Cowboys fans.

  5. Right on- Portis. True humility and true greatness are often found to be symbiant qualities. Leaves LOTS of room for steady improvement.


  6. Like CP said, we’re under the radar. and while it SUCKS we arent getting the respect we deserve around the league, it may end up helping us in the long run this season.

  7. Based on the current Fox Sports NFL Power Rankings, we are only playing three top 10 teams for the rest of the season, and two of those are divisioal games at home. As long as we stay healthy and keep playing smart, we are headed for the playoffs!!

  8. Peter King and power rankings mean as much as yesterday. King voices doubts because he cant stand the thought of being wrong . The only thing power rankings tell you is how a team played last week, not how they’re going to play. A dangerous team to play is a winless team. They will try anything and play wreckless, when you see a team on the ropes like Arizona, or minnesota they get desperate and dirty. I saw quite a few helmet to helmet hits last night, Haslett wil have have these guys thinkin this game is life or death.

  9. *****RAMS ARE DANGEROUS*****
    *****HENCE 700 PAGE PLAYBOOK*****

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