Monday, October 6: On the Road to a Win With Rock Cartwright

A slightly frightening portion of my mail is made up of questions about traveling with the team. People want to see the team plane; when I explain that it’s not some sort of decadent private jet, but a chartered commercial aircraft — just picture the last plane you were on, only filled with Redskins players — they want to see that. People want to see the team train; I explain that, like the team plane, it’s a chartered Amtrak that looks more or less like any other train, and people still want to see it.

So I brought a camera myself, but my view of the team plane and train (and hotel) just looked like a plane or train (or hotel). What makes the travel interesting, I figured, would be a player’s eye view. So I gave the camera to Casey Rabach last week and let him do some filming. That hasn’t worked out as well as I’d hoped — I’m having technical problems with some of Casey’s video files, so all you’ve seen from that was the few seconds of the fans at Redskins Park. Hopefully, you’ll see more of his stuff as the week progresses.

For the trip to Philly, I gave the camera to Rock Cartwright, and those videos seem to have turned out fine. I’m still in the process of editing what he gave me into a manageable clip (or series of clips), but for now, here’s Rock’s view of the team in line for the escalator at Union Station, preparing to board the train to Philly.

(Click through the image to get to the video; proper embedding should be enabled soon.)

3 Responses

  1. thank you for this. i have always wondered what their plane / train looks like :) LOL.

    go redskins !

  2. Matt, this is great stuff. I thought Dan owned his own commercial plane for the team? Is that not right, it’s chartered each time? man, I wish one of the times I traveled I could see the team going through the airport.

  3. Dan has a 10 seater for the private jet, not something large enough to haul the whole team around. Or at least that’s what I’d guess. Owning airplanes is a big money-pit.

    Interesting to see more of that as the week goes on.

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