Redskins @ Eagles – Second Quarter Thoughts

  • The eerie sense that some of the problems that plagued the team early on have returned is magnified as Carlos Rogers drops what looked like a sure interception, and the subsequent punt gets downed inside the five yard line. Spoooooky.
  • The running game is gaining five yards a carry; the passing game is still having some trouble clicking. This is demonstrated clearly as Jason Campbell is sacked for a loss of nine while I’m typing.
  • Devin Thomas makes a good move and a crucial third down catch on a nice timing route. Since their rookie wideout has a couple of catches and a punt return, it’s doubly good to see Thomas getting involved.
  • I mentioned during a previous game that the I no longer got the feeling that the Redskins were out of it as soon as they got behind, that there was a much stronger sense of resiliance about this team than there seemed to have been in recent years. Similarly, I’ve become much more comfortable when Shaun Shuisham comes in for a field goal, even a 48 yarder as here — and, again, he drives it through.
  • And, of course, as soon as I type that, Suisham puts a kick out of bounds at the worst possible time. You would think, after all these years of rooting for football games, I would know better than to do something like that.
  • The best thing about that drive wasn’t even the points, I don’t think — it was the eight-plus minutes of rest it got the defense. Okay, probably not MORE important than the points, almost as important.
  • Whether I’m right in my assessment of the defense’s rest levels or not, they manage to force Philadelphia into a three and out, making that out-of-bounds kickoff seem much less important.
  • I have never been as tense for a regular season, non-game-ending kick as I was for Suisham’s fifty yarder there, rereading my idiotically jinxy comments as he lined up to put it through. Seriously, remind me never to write anything like that again.

9 Responses

  1. Jinxing aside, damn that was a purty kick.

  2. I know we’re trying to run the ball more and make short pass plays but it would be really nice to see some big plays right about now. At least we’re hanging in there thanks to Suisham.

  3. 3rd Qtr El to Cooley TD WOW!!!!!

  4. They’re bringin it now

  5. Thomas needs to come out until he xan get his penalties in check. I’m sick of these kids screwing up games for us

  6. Philly, in the ear. That’s where the Redskins are sticking it.

  7. Durant Brooks is Jekyll and Hyde. Today he’s Mr Hyde. 26 yard punt from the 50 yard line? Luckily our D has been strong, so these terrible punts aren’t hurting us as badly as they should be.

  8. Not to be totally negative, because the Skins defense has been incredible, and the offense has been just as good.

    Go Skins!

  9. Yeah, Philly’s ear. That’s where Portis just put it.

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