Redskins @ Eagles – Inactives

Having an assortment of technical difficulties as the moment, but the Lincoln Field staff is being great at working to resolve them, so hopefully we’ll be up and running shortly.

Redskins inactives:
5 QB Colt Brennan (emergency third QB)
24 CB Shawn Springs
32 S Justin Hamilton
53 LB Marcus Washington
55 DE Jason Taylor
74 OT Stephon Heyer
75 OL Chad Rinehart
98 DE Rob Jackson

Smoot starts in place of Springs, H.B. Blades in place of Washington, and Jon Jansen in place of Heyer.


7 Responses

  1. Besides the first game, maybe second as well, I haven’t paid much attention to the inactive list…But I wonder if we will see any plays to our “other” second round pick, Fred Davis.

    I don’t think he’s the key to the win by any means, but so far he hasn’t been a threat. If he comes in and gets involved in the offense that might force Philly to change their gameplan.

  2. Okay…I know I said I wouldn’t miss any NFC [B]East games, but what can I say? I’m soft…

  3. FOX pregame just had a WONDERFUL piece focusing on Zorn, but also very positive about the Redskins in general and Jason Campbell in particular. All the FOX guys are now believers – at least for today. What a difference a game makes! Now this is what I call fun – let’s keep it up!!!

  4. Malcolm Kelly?

  5. Malcolm Kelly and Fred Davis are both active, despite Zorn’s comments regarding Kelly earlier this week. Interesting.

  6. Its depressing to see how bad its getting for Marcus Washington. After lots of time out last year, another season where he just isn’t at 100%. Seeing him get beat on that TD to Witten was sad to see, hopefully they figure out if he needs surgery or something.

  7. horton blew that play he was sopposed to have help over the top

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