Redskins @ Eagles – Fourth Quarter Thoughts

  • The second down goalline call — the complicated incomplete pass to Sellers — was met with some disapproval from the people next to me up here in the press box, some musing that maybe Zorn sometimes gets a little too clever in straightforward situations. The straightforward Clinton Portis run on the next play elicited immediate, sheepish apologies.
  • Chris Horton, again in the right place at the right time, makes a crucial stop on the kickoff. This stop combines with a penalty to start the Eagles seemingly where the Redskins want them. But it’s Horton’s first visibly negative play — the non-touch of Reggie Brown after his catch — that’s looming much larger in this drive.
  • Holding the Eagles to a field goal after second and one on the two is huge. Great stop by Khary Campbell, Andre Carter and just about everyone else on the field on that third down. Man, this team is fun to watch.
  • There was some debate in the press box about if they should’ve gone for two after that last Portis touchdown. At the time, I was opposed, but the math at this point (leading by six, where it would be seven if you made the two and five if you missed it) certainly seems compelling. I guess I need a refresher course in the two point conversion chart. Let’s hope it doesn’t come into play.
  • Something they really like in Philadelphia: Rocky. The Rocky clips on the video screens here start with the pregame, and continue right on through to crucial third down situations. I am already bored by them, but they certainly seem to make the fans here happy.
  • Going for a fourth down conversion there was one of the single gutsiest calls I’ve seen in recent memory. Faking the pass prior to the handoff just makes it moreso. That was completely impressive.
  • Less impressive? Eagles fans, quietly streaming out at the two minute warning. Yes, the game was over all but officially. Yes, their team blew a 14 point lead. Yes, I imagine this would be very demoralizing. But after everything I had heard, this was an incredibly anti-climactic display. I’m much more impressed with the die-hards who have stuck around down by the Redskins tunnel to boo the individual players as they run off. Maybe everyone else is outside throwing eggs at passing traffic.
  • That is an enormous win for the Redskins, and a bad loss for the Eagles. I realize I’m not breaking new ground with that insight, but it’s still true.

26 Responses

  1. End Game: ” Braves on the War path “


    I’m wasted and we won!

  3. Thank you for this blog, Matt. There are two very, very happy Skins’ fans here in Mississippi. We listened to the radio broadcast, until Fox decided to switch from the Giants game to the Skins’ game. Sometimes you just have to have faith in your team, and Zorn’s call to go for it on 4th down was a true display of faith. The players responded to that faith.


  4. Great game. Watching CSN for Zorn’s press conference and they’ve got Moss listed with Cooleys #’s. Campbell did a good job adapting to the fact that Santana got shut down.

  5. What a great game, and what a great call. This team just gets better as the game goes on! And Jim Zorn just keeps attacking!

    It’s great to see us play to win! Can’t wait until we get Taylor, Washington and Springs back!

    And we’re winning these games while getting valuable experience to 11,12, and 86. Man when they come on this will be awesome!

    And watching that game, Chris Horton just knows where the ball is going. He’s going to be good.

  6. I’m goinig to go on a limb and say Horton is good. Most impressive rookie for the skins. Love the tough running by Portis.

    Not a bad game for being the worst team in the East.

    the team the media loves to hate [ ahem..peter king]

  7. 4-1 baby….’Skins made Cheese stakes out of the Iggles. Zman has to keep the team “MEDIUM” and focus on getting the 3 dud’s coming up next at home.





    7-1 AT THE BREAK


  9. this D can stop anyone in the league, and thats what wins superbowls. I’m so pumped right now peter king can kiss my ass. I think JLC might become a redskins fan now.

  10. Just moved to Tampa, Fla. I have to listen to the games on the computer. This is the most exiting Redskins team I,ve seen since th 80,s. I guess I picked the wrong time to move. HAIL SKINS!!!

  11. so who was flat coming into the game 215 in 4 games allowed 200 plus today alone in wk 8 we gonna have #1 rushn attack 13-3 this year baby… HAIL!!

  12. HTTR!

  13. Fantastic – this is my birthday – and all I asked for was for the Skins to kick booty – Thanks all of the team and a kiss to Cooley (an old woman thing, has taken on the Cooooool wagon)

  14. awesome game!!! way to finish… game ball to the whole team

  15. portis’ pockets is straight! Cooley monster game. Is Jansen gonna start next game? he should. HTTR!!

  16. Caught the game on PPV at 7AM with ExtremeSkins visiting blogger SonnyRules and his wife. By the time the game was over, there was another table of fans by us and JJ’s Broiler on Kauai rang out with Hail to the Redskins.

    Hail to the Redskins!
    And to SonnyRules who bestowed me with his CB5 jersey!!! Wow- ‘Skins fans are truly amazing and generous!!!

  17. Can you imagine geting up at 7:00 AM to watch football out on the pacific rim?

    I say hail to that person.



  19. By the way Matt Terl does good works.

  20. Great game from everybody offense and defense. Especialy Coach “Z” on the play calling on trusting his offense good job skins… Jason Campbell had a great game good poise in the pocket and reading his recievers. And Jason Campbell has a new record for the Redskins he has more passes thrown in a game with no turnovers….. Good job to Jason keep up the good work and “HAIL TO THE REDSKINS”…. I don’t care wat everbody say I know the the GIANTS are 5-0 undeafeted but the only true challenge that the Giants had was the SKINS other than dat they played some poor teams like the Bungles and other… Wait until they get the REDSKINS again they will see a different skins team that is on “FIRE”!!!!!…. Hands down the REDSKINS are the best team in the NFC east or maybe the NFL…. GO SKINS!!!!!!!!…..

  21. eriahn, just curious, which 2 other teams do you predict beating us?

  22. Jim Zorn is the MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. I am not normally one to gripe about bad calls. But what was up with the canceled penalty on the TD punt return? The ref said something about the penalty being on the kicking team? The replay clearly showed that it was a block in the back. Did the refs really get confused about two players with #50 on the field? Talk about lame.

    And what happened when Philly was at 3rd and short at the Skins goal line, the play clock is running out, McNabb calls for a timeout, and there was a bunch of confusion, during which the play clock was reset but the time out was never called! They had about 4 seconds to get the play off, then the play clock was miraculously reset, and everyone acted as if nothing happened! That would have been a huge 5 yard penalty. Fortunately the Skins stopped them anyway, but jeez talk about sloppy officiating… coincidentally all of the bad calls went in favor of the Eagles?

  24. The Skins are finally showing what they can do if they give it some consistent effort and just say screw it and kick a$$ on every play. I know a certain college squad inside the Beltway who could take a page from this book…in any case, here’s hoping the Skins can keep it up!

  25. I love how philly celebrates rocky like he’s a real person. they have a freakin’ statue of him for crying out loud. Joe Lewis is from Philly, do they have a statue of him? Of course not. Idiot Philly folks make me laugh.


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