Redskins @ Eagles – First Quarter Thoughts

  • Reed Doughty gets the start, at least technically, as the Redskins open in their three safety “Cobra” formation. It’s a nice compromise that makes everyone happy. Chris Horton looks good again, making an ankle tackle to stop a reverse to the incredibly fast DeSean Jackson.
  • The soundproofing in this press box is the most effective I’ve encountered since the Meadowlands (more effective, actually, since we’re closer to the field here), which makes it all the more impressive when the fans manage to overpower it. So far, that’s been for a replay of Rocky McIntosh defending a pass against L.J. Smith in the end zone (they seem to be of the opinion that he wasn’t actually looking at the ball), and for Brian Westbrook’s touchdown run. The Eagles certainly seemed to be doing whatever they wanted on that drive; it’ll be interesting to see what adjustments the Skins make.
  • The “Fly Eagles Fly” song sounds like it would play underneath the safety video at the start of an airplane flight.
  • A three-and-out for Washington followed by a punt return for a touchdown … not an auspicious start to this game, to say the least. This has much more of the feel of the Giants game than the three wins. Still plenty of time left, though.
  • “Fly Eagles Fly” does not improve with repetition. Just another reason I would like to not hear that song anymore.
  • The Redskins are having real trouble passing the ball, although the running game looks somewhat effective. Jason Campbell is getting knocked around solidly, and these look like the kind of hits that take their toll over the course of the game.
  • Giving up these third down conversions is disheartening; the Eagles went 4 for their first 4 on third down. A couple of nice tackles by London Fletcher and a missed pass by Donovan McNabb force the field goal attempt.
  • THAT, for the record, is what a missed field goal looks like. If the Skins can muster a drive after that, the momentum might start to swing a bit. It’s a quiet Redskins side of the press box right now, though — even quieter than usual.

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  1. Matt,
    I like your last comment “THAT, for the record, is what a missed field goal looks like. ” Priceless

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