Redskins @ Eagles – First Impressions of the Linc

Lincoln Financial Field is the nicest stadium I’ve traveled to so far. The previous contender was Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte, but this is much more impressive. Not only is everything new, not only is the press box cafeteria stocked with local favorites (Tastykakes, pretzels, cannolis), but everything is labeled. Directions to the press box, directions to the field, the various locker rooms — even the Instant Replay Bike Rack is clearly and carefully marked.

I don’t have any particular use for the Instant Replay Bike Rack, but the people who do should have no problem identifying it. I do have use for the press box, as that’s where I’m currently sitting, and it’s nice to be able to locate it without too much wandering.


One Response

  1. Nice photo.

    The irony, of course, is that the Eagles franchise has embarked on a mission to push the ‘Go Green’ slogan without having to actually do anything; they want you to buy more shirts, for sure.

    Your photo illustrates a case in point – there is not a single bike rack at the entire stadium. When I inquired about one, I was given vacuous stares.

    On occasion I have had drivers – often from New Jersey – yell at my wife & I as we ride down the street in the bike lane.

    Glad to read you enjoyed your time at the Linc.


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