Redskins @ Eagles – Eagles Fans Sort of Live Up To The Hype

Yes, there were eggs. The bus ahead of me got hit — defensive coordinator Greg Blache reportedly didn’t even flinch when the window next to him got splattered — but the throws at my bus all missed. This was nice from a not-getting-hit-with-eggs perspective, but disappointing from a photo op perspective. (They were impressive throws, though: the buses were on an elevated highway, and the fans were tossing the eggs from the parking lot below with some serious velocity at a moving target.)

As promised, even the youngest of the fans helps to give the buses the finger as we drive by, whole families gathered to spend some pregame quality time flipping off a few vehicles.

And also as promised, the fans come prepared with very specific material to shout at the players during warmups. Chris Cooley, Rock Cartwright, and Colt Brennan were coming under fire as I walked by; they were doing their best to ignore it, but Chris Samuels gave back a little bit, shouting “Is this brotherly love?”

The most striking thing about the fans, though, wasn’t WHAT they were yelling, but how often they would repeat the exact same phrase, with minor alterations to syntax and word order. My notes from one guy’s taunts of Cooley:

“Hey, Cooley, keep your boxers on next time! Keep your boxers on, Cooley! Tell Cooley to keep his drawers on! Cooley! Boxers! Cooley, wear some pants! Hey, Cooley! You forgot your boxers!” And so on. At some point, it moved from menacing to annoying, and from there it was a short trip to amusing.

Just about everyone on the staff has warned me to be aware, keep my head on a swivel, pay attention, stay prepared, all that good stuff, and I certainly will. So far, though, the main danger seems to stem from having variations on the same phrase repeated at me until I get too bored to resist.


8 Responses

  1. Infamous is more like it. What a classless bunch of fools.

  2. Real classy!! Teaching your young child to flip off a bus as it drives by. Theya re great role models for their children.

  3. The DTC will retaliate by egging the Eagles team bus and any Eagle fan we see when they play here.

    I hate Eagle fans!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  4. So wait a second. You say you are going to retaliate but then in the next line you say you hate Eagles fans? That doesn’t make any sense !!! You’re an idiot

  5. If mongloids …people with down syndrome, were interchanged with the Eagle fans, no one would even take offense. Why? Simple because we have no respect for them as normal human beings!

    So what’s the difference between a person with Down Syndrom & an Eagle Fan?

    The answer is simple ….our perception!!!

    The solution is obvious, we just view all Eagle Fans as persons with Down Syndrom… need I say more???

  6. Yo Cooley – Keep your boxers on! Boxers Cooley Boxers!

    Hey Joseph, your logic’s terrific. We’ll have to sit down and talk philosophy some day.

    My daughter’s got down syndrome, you ignorant prick.

  7. The Eagles fans are all bark and no bite.

  8. First of all, 99% of Eagles fans are complete jerks (as described in the story). There are 4 year olds flipping people off and as we can tell, the Eagles fans are not very original with their taunting. A 4 year old could make up better jokes. I would be embarrassed if i lived in a city with such classless fans. Second, Joseph you are a ass wipe for comparing Eagles fans with those with Down Syndrome. You should be ashamed to make that kind of demeaning statement. For your information people with Down Syndrome are some of the friendliest people to live on this Earth. Do not ever demean people like that! Thats just low

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