On the Field for Practice – 10/3

Friday, so lots of special teams work, lots of installing the goal line and red zone offenses for this week, and lots of Coach Zorn saying things like “It’s NOT a walkthrough! Put a little hop in your step!”

  • Game balls from last week were given at the end of practice. Clinton Portis for the offense, Shawn Springs for the defense, and Shaun Suisham for special teams. So I guess it’s safe to say they’re still counting that field goal as good.
  • London Fletcher had a fantastic day of practice, batting down multiple balls in both goal line and red zone, and stuffing the run in the backfield on at least one goal line play. Quietly, Fletcher is having a very, very good season.
  • Practice squadder Horace Gant made a one-handed grab downfield over Carlos Rogers, which led to a few plays worth of friendly jawing. Fred Smoot also made a nice one-handed interception down at the ground; coincidentally or not, the cornerbacks are catching the ball much better ever since that day of extra drills.
  • Same play as Smoot’s interception, Colt Brennan did a heckuva Donovan McNabb impersonation leading the scout team, scrambling to his right away from pressure and then turning and throwing the ball the whole way across the field to where Smoot intercepted it. I certainly hope the interception is an accurate part of the impersonation as well, not just the evasiveness.
  • Fred Davis had a couple of nice catches and looked good in the open field. I’m really looking forward to seeing what he can do in a game situation at some point.
  • Zorn injury updates! It’s “not looking good” for either Stephon Heyer or Jason Taylor, although he wasn’t ruling either of them completely out. He did rule out Malcolm Kelly, although more for understanding the offense than for injury. “What he has done,” Zorn said of Kelly, “he’s been able to go full speed.” Shawn Springs is a question mark, with Zorn noting that he’d consider playing him without the practice reps, and Marcus Washington is another gametime decision — one that Zorn expects to be a go.

3 Responses

  1. Matt, Some bulletin board material for the ‘Skins before they play the Eagles. I read on SI’s fantasy clicks this week about how the Eagles are going to smoke the ‘Skins 34-3 and posted the following question (cut and paste from the site) and the answer from Jay Clemons:

    Jerome the Redskins Nut asks: Who’s the moron who’s answering these fantasy questions? This dumb-wit is merely stating the obvious picks and is more wrong than right on his risky picks. Take, for example, his RB locks: Brian Westbrook vs. the ‘Skins. Does he read the injury report? BW may not even play this Sunday thanks to his ankle injury. Also, he thinks the Eagles will smoke the ‘Skins 34-3? Is he out of his mind? He’s talking about a ‘Skins team that beat Dallas in Dallas … and an Eagles team that almost gave up a 50-spot to the Cowboys. They maybe without their biggest playmaker in Westbrook for the ‘Skins game and they will score 34 against the Redskins D? Eagles fan perhaps?

    Answer: First of all, Jerome, I commend your passion toward hating my picks. But if you had done the research in the Fantasy Clicks archives, you would know that I’m operating at 62-percent efficiency with my QB, RB, WR, TE locks through four weeks — an excellent record, I believe, for someone who cannot predict the future! All kidding aside, I sense your rant is more about the Redskins than the season itself. So here’s my rationale for the Eagles’ 34-3 home thumping come Sunday:

    1. The Redskins — in my mind – would privately be content to finish the NFC East road tour (Dallas, Philadelphia, N.Y. Giants) with a 1-2 mark (they won at Dallas last week); thus, they may be somewhat complacent for the Eagles game (human nature).

    2. It’s very, very hard to play two emotionally taxing road games – back-to-back — with intra-division foes.

    3. Brian Westbrook (assuming he plays) and Correll Buckhalter are ripe to score three total touchdowns against the injury-depleted Redskins defense (Jason Taylor and Fred Smoot may be inactive).

    4. The Eagles (2-2) are desperate to win this week — and when dealing with relatively similar teams, ALWAYS go with the one playing for their season. One last thing, Jerome: If I am way off-base about my Redskins-Eagles prediction, I promise to penalize myself in Week 6 … by only watching St. Louis @ Washington (including the commercials) at home on the couch — despite owning the DirecTV Sunday Ticket package. And oh yes, I’ll also give you written props for calling me a “moron.”

  2. wow…that guy is an idiot.

  3. Matt,
    Can you break down the Malcolm Kelly situation for us. I know it’s nitpicking when we’re 3-1, but Kelly played in a game earlier this year. So if he’s healthy, has already played in a game, and thus theoretically has some understanding of what he’s doing then what’s the hold up?
    It makes me anxious that our 2nd WR drafted keeps getting deactivated. Am I being too neurotic?

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