Friday Redskins Links – 10/3

  • On the bus to the airport last week, Chris Cooley was explaining to someone that the BBC had been after him for an interview. “I’m HUGE in London,” Cooley said. He delivered the line sarcastically, a riff on the good ol’ “big in Japan” and the like … but it appears to also be true. And, according to the BBC, the Redskins are Super Bowl contenders, which is nice. The picture above is Cooley during the interview, on the phone at the desk of head PR guy Zack Bolno. It also provides a chilling view of what the offices of Redskins Park will look like when Cooley completes his inevitable takeover.
  • An interesting article on the similar career paths of Jim Zorn and Andy Reid in the Philadelphia Inquirer makes me wonder why almost no one took this approach when Zorn was hired. Hm. (And a hat tip to Mark Newgent at the Redskins Examiner, who already got up a link to this.)
  • I mentioned Jim Zorn dribbling the ball before the game, and I’ll do my best to get some video of that. Until then, though, Dan Steinberg at the DC Sports Bog runs through some of Zorn’s other wacky ex-QB tricks. Zorn is just a non-stop fountain of interesting material, really — plus he’s winning, which doesn’t hurt.
  • And totally non-Redskins, but exciting news to the long-gone ten-year-old-me, the game formerly known as Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!! is coming for Wii, and First Cuts has a trailer and screenshots. Shameful admission: I never, ever beat Mike Tyson. Never. Now maybe I’ll get another chance.

5 Responses

  1. No way dude, George Foreman’s K.O. Boxing was wwwaaayyy better.

  2. Reading the BBC coverage of American Football is amusing.

    In that article their reporter picks us to win on Sunday by 7, so I guess they do know something. That game is going to come down to Westbrook and if/how productive he is during the game. If we can shut him down, the sky is the limit.

  3. Beating Tyson is a piece of cake compared to the guy before him… What was that code .. ababupdownupdownleftrightleftright start?

  4. Ok so always like i’ve been doing about this time. First of JZ what can I say I liked the pick from day one and knew ya had it in ya! I love what you’ve done with the talent on this team and how you have it gel’n like Dr Scholl’s at the moment! Fabulous job coach! And I especially what you have done with the young QB who would have become a symbol of anarchy had you not arrived when you did. Takes a QB teach field vision properly and the patience is showing. And JC what can I say I was calling for ya head after week 1 bro and I can honestly say I was starting to worry! I always knew you had it in ya but I was wondering if your window was going to close through no fault of your own due to stability issues. But you are pulling threw it week in and week out like the leader you are now proving to be! and all I can say is keep up the good work and let’s start turning those 3’s into 6’s let’s keep moving the ball like wave been doing! I mean can a brother get a naked bootleg every once in a while? I love the running game right now Clinto0n is on point! I just still feel like Cooly could be doing more in this offense along with Fred Davis and Devin Thomas on some deep and intermediate stuff I mean I don’t know what the kid shows in practice but from what I can tell he is a gamer and should be playing a bigger role not 8 catches or anything like that but 7-8 balls should be go in his direction a game and I’m sure it would open up some other stuff for Santana and randle el downfield if Devin can become more of a threat in the offense. I mean the style of football we play once we start converging third downs it’s over because we slow the game up so much and play keep away very well. So overall here are my keys to this matchup with eagles. First of we cannot settle for more than 2 or 3 field goals in this game! We need four to five touchdowns to win this even if they don’t score two we need to be powerful and convincing in this victory. We should be taking seriously in this division and the NFL! I am sick of seeing the likes of Tony Romo Eli Manning Marion Barber when I should be seeing Jason Campbell and Clinton Portis on sports center every night! We need to pressure that O-line to have another big day so that we can get Clinton over 150 yards! How about that! We get there and we run away with the game if we can generate 450 yards or more of total offense we are in the hat. Now on the other side of the ball my man Carlos Rodgers it’s probably going to be your duty to cover and be the shadow to Desean Jackson’s Perter Pan! we shut him down we shut them down vertically and if we shut down the injured Westbroke then all tats left is Donovan and if he can’t throw to nobody and if nobody can run then what does that equal? A REDSKINS W!

    Hail to the Redskins!

  5. Dude,
    I still remember the day I beat Mike Tyson. My friend and I were freaking out. It was the first or second time I fought him and I TKO’ed him in the first round. We were jumping up and down and yelling, oh the memories of my glory days.

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