Thursday Redskins Links – 10/2

  • Well, one of them is above, but the Easterns Automotive blog has two more new commercials posted. For me, nothing will top the sheer basic majesty of people singing the jingle in the streets of DC, but these are pretty entertaining in their own right.
  • Die Hard Eagles Fan blogger has lengthy conversation with Die Hard Redskins Fan blogger (and regular commenter here) Warren Montgomery; they also offer the opposite perspective. No one is hit with batteries, mugged, or has their tires slashed. (Hat tip to commenter Steve, who mentioned this earlier today.)
  • And Tanner and Chris Cooley bring back their it’s-not-Borat-we-swear character Vladimir along with a cowboy from Wyoming named Willard to analyze the difference between chickens and eagles and preview this week’s game. The video surpasses that summary, I swear.

3 Responses

  1. Matt,

    Anyway you can talk to Byron and ask him if he feels like he is betraying his brother? Or is it like just playing your brother in back yard football? And if he can tell you anything about what Brian Westbrook has to say about byron imitating him in practice?


  2. REdskins gonna miss shawns springs play against the eagles

  3. He did sound pretty respectful, especially for an Eagles fan. I guess I’m gonna have to look up the “Body Bag Game’… I’ve never heard of it.

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