On the Field for Practice – 10/2

An absolutely gorgeous day out on the practice fields today: warm air, cool breeze, bright sun, all that good stuff. I’m sure it was a little less pleasant for the guys wearing helmets and shoulder pads and seven thousand square feet of tape, but it still had to be better than the heat and humidity of August.

  • The safeties really stick together. It seems like every day Reed Doughty walks off the practice field explaining something to Chris Horton, and today all the safeties stuck around for some extra work. During practice, they’re with the cornerbacks as well — the safeties were working in coverage drills, and Shawn Springs and Fred Smoot were offering advice and the like. When Devin Thomas cut off a route to make a catch in front of LaRon Landry, Smoot pulled Landry aside. “You need to get patient,” he said. “Watch the guy. It ain’t safety.” As Landry ran back out, Smoot added to no one in particular, “Landry could actually have played cornerback in the league.” For those of you who are curious, Landry seems to take the advice to heart and clearly gets angry with himself when his safety instincts get in the way of covering his man. It’s an interesting dynamic.
  • Malcolm Kelly was out working again today, taking a full practice (although the most notable play I saw him involved in was the drop of a perfect pass that rainbowed over Leigh Torrence). Coach Zorn expects Kelly to be healthy for Sunday, but it’s a question of the numbers game to see if he’s on the active roster.
  • After the discussion on Tuesday about the maybe-miss on Suisham’s kick, I decided to watch some field goal drills and see if the TV view is actually better than the official’s. It emphatically is not. Standing under the upright and looking straight up offered the clearest view of a field goal try I’ve ever had, and I’m not sure what would come in a close second.
  • Erasmus James had some good plays, both in team drills and one-on-one work. His efforts in the team drills were especially impressive, as he got inside to stuff the run on at least two separate plays.
  • I’ve heard Coach Zorn talk a lot about how he still gets upset if a play gains yardage but wasn’t run correctly, and you could see Jason Campbell demonstrating the same kind of thing today when he missed low on a pass to Chris Cooley. Cooley managed to scoop up the ball and make the catch, but all Campbell showed was frustration that his throw had been off. It’s good to see — a pleasant change from days where Redskins quarterbacks seemed to take success any way they could get it.
  • Chris Horton, the NFC Defensive Rookie of the Month, continues to make plays, even in practice. The receiver appeared to have beaten Horton to the sideline, and Horton dove, laying out completely flat, to swat the ball away just as it arrived.
  • Biggest cheer that I heard today came when Rock Cartwright put on a few juke moves after Rocky McIntosh appeared to have him trapped in the backfield. Cartwright always looks good lining up at running back for the scout team, but this was particularly impressive.
  • Injury updates, courtesy of Coach Zorn: Stephon Heyer is still nursing his shoulder. Shawn Springs sat out of practice with his calf injury. Randy Thomas is working through his turf toe. Marcus Washington is nursing his hamstring. And Andre Carter missed another day for personal reasons.
  • Jason Taylor also talked to the media and explained that he’d had a doctor’s appointment to check his calf today. “I’m probably ahead in some things and not where I want to be in other things … it’s a day to day thing,” he said. “I would’ve liked to practice today a little bit, but they’ve gotta hold me back a little bit and make sure I do the right things.” Like Coach Zorn, Taylor would not rule out the possibility of playing Sunday, but he didn’t seem particularly optimistic.

3 Responses

  1. As always…Good reads Matt. Thank You

  2. any truth to what espn.com has saying that springs and taylor are not expected to play this weekend?

  3. Hey Matt, excellent update as always. No real comments or questions from me, I just wanted to let you know that this blog has quickly become my favorite, must-read Redskins source. You do a fantastic job, and enjoy reading your updates. Keep up the good work.

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