Redskins Cheerleaders: Jim Zorn and George Allen

If you got to this post by Googling “Redskins Cheerleaders,” you’re probably pretty disappointed right now. George Allen is a Hall of Fame coach, and Jim Zorn has looked impressive through the first quarter of his first season, but … realistically, that’s probably not what you were looking for. Sorry about that. But one of things Zorn has gotten some notoriety for is, in fact, leading a cheer, the old-school “Hip hip hooray!”

As I mentioned yesterday, he attributes the cheer to Chuck Knox, not to George Allen, but was surprised and pleased to find the George Allen connection. Now, someone on YouTube has spliced together Allen’s three cheers with Zorn’s three cheers, and the two really do look similar. It’s a little eerie, if Zorn actually isn’t echoing Allen. (Via The Zone Blitz.)

And just to salve the disappointment of anyone who was looking for the other kind of cheerleaders, a couple of pictures from the Cardinals pregame are after the jump.


10 Responses

  1. That’s just great! LOL

    The more time goes on, the more I like this guy. Zorn has won me over big time!

    Nice job Snyder/Cerrato!

  2. Whoa! Zorn scarred me there a little at 1st. He’s still got some QB bark left in him!

    Love me some Zorn!

  3. Awesome.

    When I heard that’s what they did, I wasn’t sure how it actually happened, but actually seeing the footage shows that it wasn’t as rinky-dink as people might think.

  4. I agree, I’m loving Zorn’s personality and excitement. Whatever he’s doing, he needs to keep it up.

  5. It’s old-school, but it’s great. It would get me pumped up after a big game. LOVE IT.

  6. How woulda thought that the ole hip-hip-horray would get Zorn that amped…I mean look at his face…dude is pumped.

  7. hilarious hilarious hilarious. i f$#@kin love Jim Zorn. (not sure that word would get my comment pulled, but then the comment is hardly critical…I’ll stop now)

  8. Zorn is my hero! Go get ’em, Jimbo!

    Could this guy be the one to bring us back from the obscurity? It looks that way to me. One thing I have noticed is, these guys are in shape! They keep beating up every team in the Fourth Quarter. Even in the Giants game we dominated the fourth, just couldn’t get any points. Z-MAN has us headed in the right Direction! Hip, Hip, HOORAY!

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