On the Field for Practice – 10/1

Chilly, drizzly practice left my notes a smeared blur, but that’s not too different from my usual handwriting, so I should be okay.

  • As usual on Wednesdays, much of practice was devoted to installing game-specific stuff, but the main thing I was looking for was the team’s attitude. Since the Dallas game, everything I’ve read has been SO positive, it seemed impossible that it wouldn’t affect the team. If it did, though, I couldn’t see it. The first thing I saw during practice was an offensive line drill that seemed, if anything, MORE high energy, and that carried over to the very last drills of the day. Not to say that continued success wouldn’t go to their heads, but it certainly doesn’t look like it’s done so yet.
  • I noted at the last practice of last week that the secondary was looking strong, and if anything their confidence has only grown. Carlos Rogers holds on to another tough interception, which was impressive not so much because of his coverage (as the receiver slipped) but because the ball was in his face unexpectedly and at high speed and he caught it without hesitation. Fred Smoot keeps showing good positioning and anticipation, breaking up a couple of passes, and even impressed with his route-running, juking Rogers during DB-on-DB drills.
  • Not to neglect the safeties, either. Chris Horton was filling well against the run, and Kareem Moore looks like he’s got good closing speed (although I did see him get caught out of position on the receiver at least once). LaRon Landry was beaten by a great Todd Collins pass to the corner to the end zone and consulted with Fred Smoot afterward. Smoot gave a little bit of advice on positioning relative to the receiver, but ended by shrugging. “He just put that ball perfect,” he said. “Nothin’ you can do about a perfect ball.”
  • James Thrash reached out to snag a slightly overthrown Jason Campbell pass, leading to general cheers and a high five and “Good catch, baby!” from Santana Moss.
  • Stephon Heyer, Shawn Springs, and Jason Taylor were all held out of practice with their existing injuries, and Andre Carter was excused for personal reasons. As far as Taylor, Zorn said that he was jogging a little but that he doesn’t really expect him to play this week despite Taylor’s optimism. Malcolm Kelly participated in the entire practice, which left Zorn pretty enthused.
  • Zorn also spent time after practice trying to keep things medium (with another hat tip to Dan Steinberg for explicating this “medium” thing): “We haven’t accomplished ANY of our goals yet,” he said. “We just won our last game…. We should feel like we’re the crowning glory, because it’s not like that at all.” So far, it seems like his attitude is taking hold.

3 Responses

  1. Thanks for the little blurb on Kareem Moore, Matt. I noticed he was in on almost every special teams tackle against Dallas. Kid has some skills, and I love how physical he is. Hopefully he can keep learning the mental part of the game and get more PT on defense.

  2. Glad to hear Kelly is back in practice. Now i want to see him on GAME DAY making catches and moving the chains.

  3. I’m glad to hear that Kelly is back in practice. I really hope he can stay healthy and turn it up in the later part of the season. Also, I’m just loving Santana Moss’s energy. He’s talking more, his chemistry with Jason is getting better and better each game, and he’s smiling more too. I think he’s just out there having fun, living, and playing the game. That’s what it’s all about.

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