Peter King Makes Up for Lost Time, Others Assess Flukiness

After two straight weeks of my passive-aggressive griping about Peter King ignoring the Redskins, two weeks of debating if it’s better to fly under the radar, the win in Dallas has changed things around juuuuuuuust slightly.

In today’s Monday Morning Quarterback column

  • The Redskins move up at least twelve places in the “Fine Fifteen,” from unranked to fourth. (“After opening night, I thought there’d be a better chance this team would be ranked 32nd than fourth by the end of September,” he cheerily notes.) Clark Judge at CBS Sports also has the Redskins fourth.
  • Jim Zorn is named favorite for Coach of the Year after a quarter of the season.
  • Jim Zorn is named Coach of the Week for this week. (Narrowly edging out Eric Mangini, I’m sure, who acknowledges in King’s “Factoid of the Week” that last night’s season premiere of Family Guy would be a bigger event in his day than his team’s win.)

That’s a lot of love from one columnist, and’s Don Banks chimes in as well, in his Snap Judgments column.

There was not a thing fluky about the Redskins’ road upset of the previously 3-0 Cowboys. Washington beat Dallas soundly, even though the final score was only 26-24. This should put a dose of smelling salts under the Cowboys’ noses, because while they generated talk of being the NFL’s best team in the season’s first three weeks, the reality is they’re not even the best team in their division. In fact, they’re not even the second-best team in the NFC East. I’ll take the Giants (3-0) and the Redskins (3-1) over them, and the Eagles are just a half-step behind.

This is a fairly sudden swerve from his assertion Friday that the Redskins were the #1 team with a winning record that was going to miss the playoffs. In fact, it’s almost the exact opposite.

Apparently, the national media expected people to consider this win a fluke, as Matt Moseley makes the same assurances as Banks.

Make no mistake. Sunday’s win bore no resemblance to a fluke. The Redskins didn’t steal a game from the team alleged to be the best in football. They walked in the front door and pushed around the Sultans of September in front of their home crowd.

Even locally, Ryan O’Halloran at the Washington Times has this win putting the Redskins “in the NFC East discussion.” Which is certainly true, if a bit belated.

So I can finally let that particularly obsession go, at least for this week, although the question still remains if all this attention is a good thing. London Fletcher, for one, sounds confident that the team can stay focused in the face of increased expectations

“We still have a lot of work to do,” he said today. “We’re still a long way from where we want to be and being where we need to be in order to achieve the goals that we’ve set out for ourselves. You can’t get too high or get too low. You’ve got to stay the course and not worry about what people say about you good or bad.” I’ll try, London, but for some reason I seem to be obsessed with the Fine Fifteen.


6 Responses

  1. Nice job Matt, I also have found myself almost personally insulted at times by the extreme lack of respect, but I don’t think Zorn is the type of coach to let his players relax one dam bit.

    Despite the fact that there is a LOT of youth on this team, it’s still a veteran group, and with Zorn leading the leaders, they should have no problem staying grounded.

  2. I’ve been infuriated reading the columns for a couple of weeks now, but this certainly helped me on a slow Monday morning at the office. Hopefully he (King) has a bit more to say about the game itself in his column tomorrow.

  3. Looking at the rankings, some things I found odd.

    #1 Giants? In what universe? They beat the Rams, everyone beats the Rams. Bengals? Come on, everyone beats them too. And honestly, that game was closer than it should have been. At this point, our loss to them is looking like a fluke on our part.

    #3 Titans? At this point I’d put them at #1 just because of their perfect season with 4 games played and decisive victories over their opponents, not close calls.

    There were some other weird decisions, but it was also a surprise that Springs or Rogers didn’t get a combined credit for their defensive performance on TO.

  4. How about a little positive press for Santana Moss who has been torching DB’s all year. A guy who doesnt complain and doesnt pout, but goes out and does his job. I was watching the review of the game on ESPN, and they spent 10 minutes talking about TO and 1 minutes on the game.

    On a funny note, I love to watch TO deflate an NFC East foe. It was awesome what he did to Mcnabb and the Eagles, and when he is done with R(H)omo, he will be crying on Jessica Simpsons shoulder on MTV eating a bucket of chicken. Man I love me some TO.

  5. WOOOOOOOOW, this is crazy.

    I certainly didn’t expect this kind of love after most of the analysts on tv kept talking about the Cowboys after the Skins won. Especially Jimmy Johnson’s idiotic remark, “Now don’t forget, the Cowboys gave them that 12 men on the field penalty. If they hadn’t had that, they might not have made that field goal from the extra distance.” Thanks Jimmy, I’m sure the Cowboys just did that out of charity, riiiiIIIIIiiiiiight.

    I just hope we keep improving, the crazy thing was, we still made easily correctible mistakes, so there is tons of room for improvement. But MAN, that was a great win, beat the Cowboys in their own house for the last rivalry game. That one will be posted forever. Now if we can just beat them in their new house for the first rivalry game there…..

  6. C’mon, if they gave us that penalty to get a field goal then we gave them the 2 touchdowns we gave up because of penalties. There wasn’t anything they could’ve done to beat us in that game.

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