Sunday, September 28: Gameday, Redskins @ Cowboys, Also Demetric Evans Day

Photo by Don Wright

Photo by Don Wright

Happy Demetric Evans Day, everyone! Not just because the 28 year old defensive end is getting the start in today’s game against the Cowboys, but because Cedric G. Glover, the mayor of Shreveport, Louisiana, says so. “Demetric has demonstrated the kind of dedication and commitment to young people that we need, not only in this area, but across the nation, motivating and inspiring young people with a positive outlook on life and giving them real hope for the future.”

“It just goes to show that if you continue to do the right thing, right will come by you,” Evans said, visibly flattered by the honor.

I half-jokingly asked if he got anything with the honor — a key to the city or a box of macadamia nuts or something, and he nodded. “He said if I come down on my off-week — because I’m thinking of going down to hand out turkeys with my foundation, 92 Blessings, for needy people back home — that I would get a plaque and be put in some kind of wall of fame type thing in Town Hall in Shreveport.”

Having his own day isn’t disrupting Evans’ focus as he heads into this crucial start, though. “I’m in Dallas and I have a game to play. It’s really a tribute to my mom and my family back home that they get the opportunity to enjoy.”

I can’t find a Demetric Evans Day card on someecards or anywhere else, but I’m sure there will be one soon enough. Until then, just hope that everyone has a joyous Demetric Evans Day, especially Demetric Evans and everyone else who lines up at DE for the Redskins today.

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